The Primary Teachers Association (Teachers @ ETFO) misleads its 83,000 members when explaining the true coverage of dieticians by the fat benefits of Dial-A-Dietitian

Thanks to a person wishing to remain anonymous, I was recently alerted to the fact that the Ontario Primary Teachers' Federation, an association representing 83,000 elementary teachers and educators, has removed the coverage of their registered Dietitians.

As a background, here in Ontario, CIs are one of a limited number of approved health professionals and, of course, they are the only profession exclusively for nutrition. Also here in Ontario (and almost everywhere), nutrition and weight-related illnesses have long reached epidemic proportions.

Regarding the reason why the NTFS has removed the CCs, the only regulated nutrition professionals in the province, according to a document distributed to their members,

"these free services are now available through Ontario Telehealth"

But it is;

RD viewers answer one-on-one nutrition questions by phone. They are certainly not there to provide individualized counseling or comprehensive ongoing care.

Simply put, the reduction of RDs from the benefits of the NTTO. is short-lived and suggests that real RD services are the equivalent of a Dial-A-Dietitian service designed to answer simple questions is a mere lie.

If you are a member of ETFO you would be encouraged to share this post and contact the ETFO ELHT Board of Directors to request restoration of RD coverage.