The new Coca-Cola Smoothie Strawberry Banana contains 11.5 teaspoons of sugar per cup

I would probably have to put "smoothie"in quotes when we talk about this new product.

The ingredients in this "smoothie"is not just water, strawberries and bananas, but rather strawberries, bananas, apples, grapes and lemon juice.

Perhaps this is the reason why, in a portion of 11.5 kilos, there are 44 grams of sugar (responsible for 85% of the 200 calories). For reference, drop for drop, the actual Coca-Cola contains 15% less sugar and 33% less calories.

But of course nobody confuses Coca-Cola for a healthy drink.

But Coca-Cola (the parent of Simply) is sure to hope to confuse this "smoothie"with one since it has inflated with in front of the package shouting out that expressly suggests it is good for you.

I am also confused with his diet.

Ingredients report that 11.5 oz of strawberry banana "smoothie"provides 1 gram of fiber – this is less than what is found in a single 5th banana and you still have to consume 44 grams of sugar from small bananas, you should consume 18 times that amount, only 2 strawberries.

If you do not make your own mix (and even then, remember that it is unlikely to fill and you can consume much more) eat your fruit, do not drink it.