The importance of nutritional collocation, not the loss of food nutrition but health

We have to eat a lot of food every day. How can we ensure that the nutrition of the food is not damaged and get better nutritional supplement?

Nutrition refers to the process by which the human body digests, absorbs, and uses food or nutrients. It is also the process by which humans obtain food from the outside to meet their physiological needs, including ingestion, digestion, absorption, and in vivo utilization. If the nutrition of a food is damaged, it will not only bring waste of food, but also have serious consequences for the health of the human body.

The importance of nutrition, not the food nutrition But health

Breakfast recommendation:

We recommend our nutritious in the morning, the amount of various nutrients in the breakfast recipe, generally attributable About 30% of the supply of the whole day. Among them, for the nutrients that may be insufficiently supplied in the middle and the afternoon, such as energy, vitamin B1, etc., the breakfast should be increased in moderation. And the combination of thickness and fineness makes the proportion of the eight essential amino acids in the food protein more balanced and complementary. Dietitians recommend matching our porridge series, and for our office workers, it is recommended to replace the meal in the morning. It can reasonably supplement the food nutrition, and the nutrition is more reasonable with the meal replacement. Recommended ingredients are better for organic.

Recommended combination:

Five stars Ejiao + konjac + red beans + glutinous rice Wet meal replacement is also a good way to lose weight for white-collar workers!