The Hottest Vegan Soup (Cauliflower)

If you are looking to make a silky gentle, creamy vegan soup, today is your day. This gem brought my attention because it is enough different from most "creamy" vegan soups I meet. He uses a smart trick to achieve the texture of the signature. And the resulting soup is not based on heavy cream or a lot of coconut milk. Raffle.
The Fastest Vegan Soup Recipe

The origin of this soup is this. Kristen Miglore highlighted Paul Bertolli's recipe for Food52 in 2011. The ladies of CAP Beauty gave a turmeric and mustard to their new book and went from there. Adding peeled yellow peas to the top makes it a bowl meal, the nutritious dough curds some tasty flavor notes. I have also increased the amount because, the remains.

The Fastest Vegan Soup Recipe

The Technique: Make a Vegan Super Creamy Soup

The base of this soup is cauliflower. I make cauliflower soup all the time. The thing that makes this recipe separate is the cooking technique. Leave the cauliflower steam in the pot for 15 minutes. You can do this with cauliflower and get delicious flakes from the process. When you do this with vegetables such as asparagus, you end up with sad, toasted asparagus. The long way to say that cauliflower is a great ingredient for this technique. Carrot and sweet potato love the steam approach.

The Fastest Vegan Soup Recipe

This is a vegan soup. It is also gluten free, boiled with turmeric, and relatively fast for a week. The remnants are large and endlessly adaptable.

Other ideas

This version is a spike with turmeric and mustard. You can definitely explore other directions. Grated ginger would be a great addition. Or, if you have the spices left by chana masala, perfect! I mix even a cup of rice porridge in the remnants for an excellent rice soup.