The food industry spends one Moonshot cancer on advertising every 3 weeks

As was my tradition, in December I restore old favorites from years. This year we will look back at 2016.

Some perspective.

You heard about "Moonshot 2020 Cancer";

In their words,

"The Cancer MoonShot 2020 program is one of the most comprehensive collaborative cancer initiatives that have been launched to date, seeking to accelerate the potential of combined immunotherapy as a next-generation model of caring for cancer patients."

And what is the cost of this ambitious program over the next 5 years?

$ 1 billion.

Sound impressive?

Perhaps less so when you consider that according to AdAge, in 2014 alone, America's top 25 food industry brands spent only shy of 15x advertising their products.

This is a moon worth every 3 weeks!

Spread it over the five-billion-dollar five-year span and suddenly realize that by 2020 the food industry will spend 75 times more money trying to buy you Coca-Cola, KFC, Cheerios, Dunkin etc. to spend on them "MoonShot"to cure cancer.

If we want to see improvements in the level of the population in nutrition, there is no doubt that part of the requirement will be to reform the advertising of the food industry. The banning of advertising targeted at children as a whole, the reformulation of the front package claims, the elimination of cheating, and more, because by appearing every three weeks, consumers do not get a chance if we do not.

[And of course the other issue worth noting is how incredibly irresponsible it is to promote a 5-year, billion dollar investment as a cancer moonshot.]