The following “symptoms” appear and check your brakes!


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Drive, safety first! Speaking of safe driving, I believe that every driver has his own set of skills. However, driving safety is not only dependent on your driving skills, but also inextricably linked to the technical status of the car itself.

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Many mechanical structures in the car are closely related to safety, such as steering systems, braking systems, and so on. If the car is likened to a horse, then the brake system is the reins, so that a violent driving machine can gallop safely on the road, and the brake system can not be separated at all times. If there is a problem with the driving system, minutes may become fierce. Accident! Therefore, for the brake system, we have to leave more snacks.

If your car has the following “symptoms”, it is likely that there is a problem with the brake system.

The brakes become hard or soft

Under normal conditions, when we step on the brakes, the same strength is basically the same if the stroke is the same. If the braking force suddenly becomes hard, or if it does not move, it is basically caused by the failure of the vacuum booster, or the brake is too frequent. If the brake is soft, the braking effect is very weak, it may be The booster pump oil pressure is reduced or oil leakage is caused. If this happens, please stop in time to request rescue, even if repair, do not force the drive.

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Jitter refers to the irregular and obvious vibration of the car, generally Refers to body shake, or steering wheel jitter. The factors that cause the car to shake are complicated and many, and if there is a problem with the brake system, it is likely to cause jitter. As the brake discs work frequently for a long period of time, the surface is inevitably worn. If the degree of wear is large, the brake pads will naturally come into contact with the uneven brake discs when the brakes are applied. If this happens, the best way is to replace the brake disc immediately, or use the brake disc for proper sanding, but if it is still not possible, it should be replaced immediately.

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When the brakes are applied, if the brake pads are sharp metal Sound, and not accidentally, it will be God, this may be because the brake pads are thinner, causing the back plate to brake the brake disc, or the brake disc itself is not very good quality. It is recommended to let the master check the thickness of the brake pad first. If only 1/3 is left, it can be replaced. If there is no obvious problem with the thickness of the brake pad, you can step on the brake system or sand the brake pad.

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The pedal does not return.

In general, when we step on the brakes The brake pedal on the foot will return to its original position. If it is not able to return to the position, or the recovery speed is very slow, it indicates that the brake system is faulty. This situation is most likely caused by a leak in the hydraulic pump and a loss of brake fluid. The repair point should be checked as soon as possible to check whether there is oil leakage in the brake cylinder and other parts, and whether the main pump or the sub-pump is damaged. If it is damaged, it must be replaced in time.

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Running bias

Speaking of deviations, many people may think of four-wheel alignment In fact, in fact, if the brake system is faulty, it may also cause your car to run off. Under the premise that your car’s four-wheel position is normal, if the car still runs off when braking, it is very likely that the brake system is a problem. Because the output of the brake cylinder is not uniform, the force acting on the four tires is inconsistent, that is, the “deceleration” of each tire is inconsistent, and the vehicle will still be biased. If this happens, it is best to go to the repair shop for further inspection and find that the problem must be replaced in time.

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A lot of times, the accident happened because we neglected all kinds of small details, and we know more about the safety tips for our driving. Safety is no harm! Don’t be too suspicious, find problems and check them in time.