The false dichotomy between food calories and food quality

As it was my tradition, in December I rebuild the old favorites from years gone by. This year I'm looking into 2015.

I have met him all the time. Angry peoples who argue that when it comes to weight and / or health, calories do not really matter and that what really matters is the quality or types of food or the people who claim that the quality or types of food are not a matter , is not reduced to calories.

They are both natural.

The weight of weight is definitely calories and while we all have our own unique fuel efficiency when it comes to using or exporting energy from our food or fat stores, we still need a surplus of calories to win and a loss for loss.

But food is also important. The choice of food is about health, but also about the amount of calories our body consumes in digestion and most importantly, from saturation, which in turn has a remarkable impact on how many calories and what foods we choose to eat.

So if you come across a zeal from any camp that claims one or the other does not matter, you can ignore it.

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