The doctor said that he was suspected of cancer. When he went to Beijing, he was carrying it. When he came back, he ran a trot.

Doctor He said that he was suspected of cancer. When he went to Beijing, he was carrying it. When he came back, he trotting.

(Birch original, put an end to the compilation)

Ten years ago, there was a thank-you in the county seat. He went to the county hospital for an examination, but it was not allowed, and there was a shadow on the film. Several doctors seem to look at it, at the end, a serious face tells him that the situation is not optimistic, you still go to the city hospital for inspection.

What is the name of Director Xie? That’s a very smart person. Some people say that he can get all his hair empty. But when he heard the doctor’s words, his face was white to yellow, and yellow to white, really tears and sweat.

Xie is still pretending to be a generalist who has “the Taishan collapses in the front and the color does not change, and the elk is in the left and not in the blink of an eye”, so he laughed and said, “Doctor, you said To be honest, is it that I have cancer? You are hiding and you will die fast.”

The doctor sees that he is also a personal thing. He will not be knocked down by the disease for a moment. He told him that there is a lesion in the lungs, which may be cancer. You should go to the city hospital to check again. It is a misdiagnosis.

Xie, after listening to the lecture, he only felt that there was a fascination in front of him, his brain was blank, and he was very weak. He didn’t know his own stairs and his home.

After arriving home, Director Xie became a meat stall in the bed, his wife and children heard the news, crying, and the neighbors still felt that their family was dead.

Xie, the three souls of the director have lost two sorrows. They don’t eat, drink, or sleep. They are quite lying in bed, and there are many buildings that will fall, and the sky will fall.

The family rushed to the city hospital for examination. Some people said that they went to the Bengbu Hospital and went straight to Beijing to confirm the diagnosis!

On the day of entering Beijing, several people pulled Mr. Xie from the bed. He was a man of one meter and eight, and he was a real fat man. At this time, he lost his center of gravity. Will not move.

That’s the back, the unit selected two strong and strong men, all the way alternately carrying Mr. Xie, getting on the bus and getting off the stairs, going upstairs and downstairs, Mr. Xie was still on the man. Hey, hey, it’s not far from the days of the big ones.

In Beijing hospital, it was a little tossed. After several inspections, the doctor said that it was a lung cyst, nothing, and absorbed it after a while, go back.

Really? is that true? Not talking about cancer?

The doctor smiled, who told you that it is cancer, even if cancer is a chronic disease that can be treated, and you have nothing to do, the cup bow snake shadow will scare you like this, if it is cancer, Still not scared to death!

Only seeing the director Xie stood up and screamed, and even connected the doctor to the three shackles, and then did not help people, “” went downstairs, and when they went back, they walked a gust of wind. The two strong men who came back from him could not get up.

Then what? Then I heard that when Xie was on retirement, he did not guarantee the mistakes in the evening. When he was investigating him, he died…

(Zhang Hua manuscript, friends concerned)