The difference between garbage sleep and good sleep

The difference between junk sleep

One third of the time in life is spent in sleep, and adequate sleep, balanced diet and proper exercise are recognized by the international community as three health standards.

Because of the increasing study, work, and social pressure, more and more people are beginning to experience sleep disorders. According to the survey, the incidence of insomnia in Chinese adults is 38.2%. Sleep disorders are also the main cause of mental illness. In terms of expression, for your own physical and mental health, “garbage sleep” and “good sleep” are very different!~

“Garbage sleep”, what happens?

Insufficient long-term sleep can make the cerebral cortex’s excitatory-suppressed dysfunction, making people groggy, memory, thinking, attention loss or dullness. It can also lead to emotional disorders such as anxiety, upset, etc. The most important thing is There will be disorders of the immune system, the body’s resistance will decrease, and the chance of illness will increase greatly.

Eating Much more, more fat.

If you can’t guarantee 8 hours of sleep a day, then you are more likely to get fat and then more difficult to lose weight. When you feel tired, your body will naturally Requires carbohydrates to continue working. After you have passed the night, you will not only need the support of caffeine the next day, but you will also consume a lot of sugar.

Long-term lack of sleep will cause leptin levels. Lowering, but raising the level of ghrelin, makes your hunger stronger, and makes you fatter. Even if you only have enough sleep overnight, the level of ghrelin will increase, making people more eager for high calorie, high carbohydrates. Food.

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Emotional temper

Insufficient sleep can lead to mood disorders, emotional irritability, such as anxiety, upset Wait. Because of hormonal fluctuations, women are more susceptible to sleep deprivation than men, and women are more likely to suffer from insomnia than men.

The lack of long-term sleep can also make the cerebral cortex’s excitatory-suppressed dysfunction, making people less alert, and the concentration of attention will be shortened, it is difficult to maintain concentration, and it is difficult to be multi-tasking, speech Memory skills will also decline. After the test, people with long-term lack of sleep will have more cognitive problems in their judgment and impulsive control, and both men and women should pay attention to the corresponding sleep adjustment.

Easy to get sick

A good night’s sleep will keep the immune system working. When we sleep, the body’s immune system conducts night patrols to see if there is a pathogen in the body. When we sleep, our body cleans up bacteria and viruses.

If you sleep less than 7 hours, your chances of catching a cold are three times that of others.

The difference between junk sleep

Garbage sleep and good sleep

Five performances of “garbage sleep”

1. Watching TV When you listen to music, you will fall asleep;

2, forcing yourself to “point” to sleep and get up, but this “point” is always changing;

3, naturally wake up, forced Extend sleep time;

4, do not sleep at night, rely on day or weekends;

5, work pressure, work overtime at night, but after the end of high-intensity work Will immediately sleep.

The scale of good sleep

1, can fall asleep in 10-20 minutes, the long-term sleep time is less than 10 minutes (sleeping time is more than 30 minutes for insomnia);

2, do not wake up during sleep or occasionally wake up (such as urinating) and can quickly fall asleep in 5 minutes until the next morning;

3, no sleep at night I will soon forget when I wake up;

4, after waking up in the morning, I am energetic, relaxed, happy, no fatigue, work High rate;

5, no or few nightmares, abnormal behaviors, etc. in sleep.

The difference between junk sleep

What the body needs is not sleep, but relaxation.

Do not fight with life, you are not fighting life, you are life itself Just synchronizing with life, you will find that you can easily live it. Keeping healthy and happy is not a war. Do something that you can enjoy or exercise regularly: play games, swim, walk, etc. If you don’t like to do anything other than eating chips, that’s the problem! Otherwise, doing things in a relaxed state is not a problem.”

Sticking to exercise can bring good sleep, so don’t forget to keep your exercise habits even if you are busy, which will help you to sleep well and be energetic.

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