The diet of virgin food

Are you interested in eating raw food without wanting to go raw for the rest of your life? A raw food detoxification diet may be the answer.

The diet of raw foods is said to have many benefits. People who eat 100% raw foods all the time have said they are seeing improvements in many health conditions. In addition, most people who are finished will lose out on a diet, though this depends on what you choose to eat.

Perfume diet
Perfume diet

When you do detoxification, as you probably know, most people have some side effects. They may include headaches, joint pain, nasal congestion and other symptoms. This is because many toxins that were previously stored in adipose cells in the body are suddenly released into the bloodstream for processing and excretion.

Because of this, it is best to follow a food detox diet for about 10 days. You can expect symptoms within the first 5-7 days. After that, you may start to feel more benefits. Of course, you need to have medical supervision before starting any diet.

What to Eat on a Raw Diet Perfume Diet

Here are some suggestions for your daily menu in a raw detox.

Breakfast for breakfast first

Green fruit smoothie.

Mix each fruit in a blender with a few lettuce or spinach leaves for a classic tasty green mill. The addition of greens makes it more nutritious. You can also use celery or cucumber with most fruits. One of my favorite is pineapple and fennel lamp. Use up to two types of fruit and one vegetable: you won't want too many different flavors.

Or: Banana, half avocado and raw cocoa powder lemon.

This is a more complete choice. Adding cocoa powder can give you a huge boost of energy to get you started in the morning.

Breakfast lunch

Any combination of salad vegetables, plus a handful of raw fruits or seeds.pina colada

Be adventurous with your vegetables: you don't just have to stick to the standard salad. For a dressing you can use extra virgin olive oil and live vinegar or combine tomato juice with avocado or walnut butter.

Or: grated or chopped carrot or pumpkin pie with a nut (or butter nut mixed with some water) and a handful of pumpkin seeds.

Early food for rest

The choices are endless when you have a little more time to prepare a meal. Take a look at every raw food website or cookbook for a huge selection of delicious recipes. Repeat your favorites by all means, but be sure to change them from time to time with new recipes.

What not to eat in a fatty diet

Of course, if you follow a raw detox diet you will not eat anything cooked. This includes anything that has been processed or heated before it arrives in your kitchen, such as pasteurized dairy products. It also includes hot drinks such as coffee (made from roasted beans anyway).

To be sure, but also to increase the effect of detoxification, many people only decide to use fresh whole fruits and vegetables in a raw detox.

This means that there are no dried foods and no oils or fats. Some even cut the nuts. If you are going to do this, however, you should not do so for more than 10 days. Nuts and seeds contain many essential fats and minerals that are vital to a longer-term diet.

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So Try Detox Raw Foods Today and see if it makes you healthier and happier