The chief culprit of diabetes – bad living habits

Following the healthy reading club to read a healthy and good book, “Diabetes is enough for this book” to read the card for the third day.

The first two days of reading and talking about the metabolic mechanism of diabetes, the cause of the disease, as well as the rare diabetes in ancient times, do not know how to treat. In modern times, as long as the total calorie balance diet and appropriate exercise and drugs, to maintain a reasonable range of blood sugar, no complications, is to coexist peacefully with diabetes, is considered to treat diabetes, do not think about radical cure. That would only be deceived, buying a lot of unreliable health care products, and still very annoying.

The culprit of diabetes - bad Lifestyle habits

Common causes of diabetes We have learned from reading cards two days ago that diabetes is caused by insufficient insulin secretion or insufficient action (insulin resistance).

But what about the role of insulin? Autoimmune immunity can be visually understood as a “patrol police” in the human body, helping us to arrest and remove the “bad guys” of the invasion. By immunization, the human body can excrete foreign bodies and aging tissues. But sometimes, the immune system mistakes the normal tissue of the body as a “bad guy” and launches an attack. This is called autoimmunity. Diabetes can occur if the “battlefield” of autoimmunity occurs in the pancreas, causing the islet beta cells to be damaged. We call this type type 1 diabetes (many children with diabetes are type 1).

The culprit of diabetes - bad Lifestyle habits

diabetes culprit - bad habits

diabetes by examining the discovery of anti-islet cell antibodies (ICA), glutamic acid decarboxylation Type 1 diabetes can be diagnosed by autoantibodies such as enzyme antibodies (GAD). Viral infection may be an inducement, but many cases are unable to detect the cause of islet cell destruction. Type 1 diabetes can occur in childhood, and it is not closely related to living habits, heredity, and age. The incidence rate in China is not high, only 5.6% of diabetic patients are type 1 diabetes.

Inheritance is the bullet on the bullet, the habit of life is to pull the trigger.

If you have a family history of diabetes, you will not pay attention to maintaining good living habits. Under the incentives of bulimia, obesity, lack of exercise, and work stress, it is also likely to cause diabetes. This is the type 2 diabetes we often hear about. According to statistics, 93.7% of patients in China are type 2 diabetes. In recent years, with the improvement of material life and the accelerated pace of life, people are paying less and less attention to cultivating good living habits. The former “rich disease” also flew into the homes of ordinary people. Moreover, patients with type 2 diabetes have a tendency to become younger, and in the diabetes wards, teenagers and even children have become common.

The culprit of diabetes - bad Lifestyle habits

Some women in pregnancy have a good blood sugar before pregnancy, and suddenly rise during pregnancy, and return to normal after delivery. This type of diabetes is called gestational diabetes. Once gestational diabetes is diagnosed, treatment should begin immediately, otherwise hyperglycemia may have adverse effects on the mother and the fetus. It is worth noting that women with gestational diabetes have the potential to become “real” diabetics.

Therefore, even if the blood glucose level returns to normal after delivery, blood glucose levels should be measured regularly and blood glucose changes should be detected at the same time.

The culprit of diabetes - bad Lifestyle habits

There are many other causes of diabetes, such as diabetes caused by pancreatic diseases such as chronic pancreatitis, endocrine abnormalities such as hyperthyroidism and Cushing syndrome. Diabetes associated with diabetes caused by pancreatic ablation after pancreatic tumor removal. We call this type of diabetes secondary to diabetes. Diabetes caused by gestational diabetes and other causes is relatively rare, accounting for 0.7% of the total number of diabetic patients in China.

Let’s do a little test! The following items are all bad habits that can cause diabetes. Readers, see if you have these bad habits, and if you change them, don’t add them!

Culprit of Diabetes ——Unpleasant living habits” inline=

□Illegal diet

□Fast eating too fast

□Excessive overeating


□Adding meals and eating at night

□Prefers to greasy food, not eating vegetables and fruits

□Don’t eat fast food

□Not paying attention Change in your own weight

□Good drinking, drinking for 5 days a week

□More than 2 bottles a day to drink


□ Mental stress

□Office work, not walking often

□Excessive work, inadequate rest

□Not regular exercise

□Not far away, also like to ride without walking

□Up and down the building always use the elevator

1~5: Health Index ★★★☆☆, you should Spend more time caring about your body.

5~10: Health Index ★★☆☆☆, you should be alert to the pace of diabetes quietly approaching.

More than 10: Health Index ★☆☆☆☆, no longer improve your lifestyle, you will regret it.

Different pathogenic factors in patients with type 2 diabetes Most of the diabetic patients we are exposed to are type 2 diabetes, most of which are caused by bad habits. However, some patients are not the same. Their incidence is attributed to the social environment and living environment, such as stress, overwork, and age. Clinical cases have also confirmed that some people who do not have bad habits also suffer from diabetes. The cause is often caused by long-term mental stress, such as working overtime for several days and complicated interpersonal relationships in the workplace.

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I will get diabetes? The Chinese are prone to three figures of diabetes, which is shocking.

The culprit of diabetes - bad Lifestyle habits

The culprit of diabetes - bad habits

The right amount of exercise is a good doctor

Scientific diet is a good medicine

Keep healthy Weight, relax, stay away from diabetes.