The amazing Bryant Terry green rice

Hi everyone, I hope everyone hangs out there during this uncertainty. I try to stay away from my phone and focus on things that are positive and productive close to home. There is very of cooking and baking and I would like to share this gem of a recipe. It's an amazing green rice from Bryant Terry's new book, Vegetable kingdom. If you have some greens on hand and some rice, you should, you should. It's really so good. A green juice blender made of corn, spinach and a creamy stock is cooked with onions, garlic, green pepper and long grain rice. They all cook together in a bright green and fragrant litter bin.

The amazing Bryant Terry green rice

Try it, really!

Let me also say, I know some of you are shy about cooking rice. Even if you think you are not good at cooking, push those thoughts aside and give this recipe a try. Worth a go. Because even if you don't throw your rice perfectly, close enough is good enough here and you can make adjustments based on your experience next time! Also consider doubling the recipe while you are at it, which is a great way to increase your greens consumption. I will mention the ways I use this green rice for scraps below.
The amazing Bryant Terry green rice

Green roots left ideas

There are so many things (!) You can do with the rest of the green rice. Here are some to consider.

Fried rice: Cook a day's rice in a saucepan with extra garlic, a little sliced ​​omelette, a little tofu, add a handful of broccoli?

Onigiri: Shape the green rice into triangular triangles and sprinkle until crystallized and golden. You can even squeeze a little tofu or some edamame in the center for extra surprise.

Green Burrito with Guacamole: Make a version of this quinoa burrito, but use this green rice instead of quinoa.

Green rice soup: Make a green version of this rice soup (I really did this for dinner last night) – basically thin rice out to the desired consistency with stock or water, season, and go from there with toppings, etc.

Green rice cake: Mix one or two eggs in the rice (1 for each cup of rice), cut into pieces and sprinkle with rice cake.

Rice Green Rice: Make a version using brown walnut or jasmine brown rice. Post the liquid and cooking time slightly based on the rice you use and the packaging instructions.
Bryant Terry is author of The Plant Kingdom

Topping Ideas

It is a matter of crisis here. Roasted nuts, chopped onions, toasted rice, citrus fruits, sesame seeds, crushed teas.
Bryant Terry is author of The Plant Kingdom

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