Ten soups of light chill

Hi to all. It's no surprise that I'm getting so many soup recipes requests right now. I made a couple of myself this week (a red ribollita cabbage version, and a simple bean & bean soup), and it's the kind of cooking I love the most. I hope you find inspiration in this collection of favorite soups and soups based on barbed wire such as beans, grains, rice, canned tomatoes and the like – ingredients you can have in your closet. Keep in mind that many of them are highly customizable, which means I encourage you to make substitutes if you don't have an ingredient or two! I will give you some easy exchange suggestions in the list below. And if you're not sure whether a replacement will work or not, please let me know on Instagram – I'm so happy to help you come up with a plan.

Chickpeas with brook and rice pudding

1. Chilean Garlic Rice with Garlic – A coarse rice soup, full of chickpeas, stuffed with cabbage and sprinkled with live chili garlic. It has peanuts, and a dusting of turmeric. It freezes beautifully, and you can experiment with a number of toppings.


2. Ribollita – This is the classic Tuscan style such a great way to get everything you need to use your kitchen on a delicious (or two) frozen bread ribs, non-lawn carrots, leafy greens etc. I had a cabbage that needed a purpose the other night – the chopped, and into the pot. Use beans from your bedroom, canned tomatoes and a mix of vegetables. It's also a great way to eat the rainbow and get a wide range of healthy ingredients in your bowl.

Green lentil soup with roasted brown butter

3. Green Lentil Soup with Roasted Brown Butter – Green lentils (or split peas), filled with roasted brown butter. This release requires panoramic paneer cubes at the top, but you can bypass it and just make some grated cheese. THE! You can definitely explore a vegan version – infuse some olive oil or coconut oil with spices, and tofu coffee beans in place of the paneer. A different beast, but also very good.

Roasted tomato

4. Tomato Chocolate – A stewed lentil and tomato with stew, full of tasty, tender pasta, filled with a variety of spices and enhanced with plenty of spinach. It's so delicious and simple, friendly at night and great for the rest. Also, no shame in using frozen spinach here. It reduces the already minimal preparation time here to almost nothing.

Spicy soup spicy recipe

5. Spicy Taco Soup – You can do this in an instant container, but you do not need to. It's just a bit of a dump and stir situation consisting of a hearty blend of beans, corn, taco spices, and quinoa. Frozen corn is good. I bring the cream and the crunch factor through the garnish – pepitas toasts for the latest, ripe avocado or guacamole, and a mug of creamy yogurt.

Live on your lentil soup

6. Lively Up Yourself Lentil Soups – A simple but satisfying lentil soup, where tomato flavor comes from the land of lentils, with an aromatic bottle of mild yogurt as close as possible. It's been on my site for years, and I have been meaning to reshoot the photos for almost as long. Many of you have cooked this up, and have left some great comments in the comments – I've pulled some favorites in the main post.

Vegetarian split peas

7. Vegetarian Peas – A delicious, healthy, soup texture from an incredibly short list of ingredients. Seriously, just five! Simple green split peas and onions cooked until tender, partially cleaned, seasoned and peeled.

Red crust of red lentils

8. Red Coconut Lentil Soup – Based on the Ayurvedic recipe in the Esalen Cookbook, I really like this recipe. It's worth a try even if you don't have the expensive spices. Just a little wings! No oil or coconut oil, use olive oil. No ginger? Try a little garlic instead.

Simple Lighthouse and Bean

9. Simple Farro & Bean Soup – The kind of hearty, timeless, fast soup that helps in times like these. I did it earlier this week and I felt a little better than that. There is a cut to do, which keeps the hands busy and the mind focused. The components of the base are flexible and straight from the cellars – grains, canned tomatoes, beans. And if you have a lot of products that need to be used, such a soup is perfect – eat some, freeze some. The ultimate soup in the house.

Richard Olney's Garlic Soup

10. Richard Olney Garlic Sauce – The ultimate comfort soup. Creamy and complete with no cream, sprinkle about twelve cloves of garlic in water with a few herbs, then thicken the broth with a mixture of eggs and sliced ​​cheese. It's hard to beat a big ladle that spills over a day's roasted walnut baguette with a final olive oil slick.

And if none of these fish soups seem to hit the spot for you, here's a whole section of soup recipes. Or, here's a round blender soup. Or a collection of amazing vegetable broths. xx, -h