Takes Former World Senior Director of the Sports Science Institute Gatorade Just 42 Seconds To Gather For Why Almost Surely We Do Not Need Sports Drinks

I got this video about a week ago.

He has one of the most important scientists in the field of athletic nutrition, Asker Jeukendrup, answering the question,

"What is the shortest duration of exercise where food or drink is worth it?"

The answer?

It was refreshing to hear (see what I did there), given Dr.'s previous role. Jeukendrup as the Global Director of the Gatorade Sports Science Institute (GSSA), that if your training is less than 45 minutes (and with exercise clarifies,all outside the exercise, it is not easy to run ") you do not need anything. And if it's 45 minutes in an hour and 15 minutes, a "rinsing in the mouth" I will do.

The wishes that were printed in bold characters on the sides of the Gatorade bottles, or that their bottles were dissolved in the mouth of size!

And of course, that reminds me of that time in 2012 when I tried to create my own home-made version of Powerade, since the then senior vice president of Coca-Cola sparkling drinks said in the media that after her son's practical lacrosse , took him for McDonald's for 32oz of things. Observing it, I also had to ask myself "Do I even pick up?"(not so much then, no)

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