Take the quiz: How much do you know about women training after childbirth?

Let's be honest: Women's coaching in the postpartum period requires one unique a set of knowledge and skills.

Postpartum women have not only "raised" a man, but have been born to that man and thrown into the demanding role of motherhood.

They can fight with …

  • Pelvic organ prolapse
  • Diastasis recti
  • Postpartum Depression
  • Incontinence
  • Recovery of Section C
  • Fatigue
  • Lack of sleep

… except for the fact that they just passed one huge and now they are facing the normal, emotional, spiritual, lifestyle and social changes that come with the transition to motherhood!

Since the majority of women will be pregnant or postpartum at some point in their lives, it is quite safe to assume that working with adult women is not an issue. if you will work with clients after childbirth – it is a matter never.

So with that said, how prepared are you to handle curves like these when working with your clients after childbirth?

Are you sure about your knowledge of postnatal anatomy and physiology?

Are you ready to navigate difficult and sensitive conversations with your clients, such as in the case of postpartum depression or infant loss?

Are you eager to test your knowledge to find out where you are already prepared – and where you still have more to learn?

When it comes to coaching Women after childbirth: Are you ready?

There are eight key issues that health, fitness and nutrition professionals need to be well-experienced when it comes to coaching women after childbirth. Developing your skills in these areas and preparing to work specifically with a destined client base will not only give you more confidence, but will make a huge positive difference to your clients' lives.

Our quiz gives you the opportunity to evaluate your skills on each of these eight topics so you can make an objective appearance and see where you are already prepared – and where there is room for improvement.

Quick Tip: When you answer, be honest with yourself. Are there areas you are unfamiliar with and you know what? This is exciting! It's an opportunity to learn more.

In addition, at the end of the quiz, you'll find a great selection of resources so you can find out more about the topics covered here.

And if you're still hungry for more, if you want to find out exactly how to answer customer questions, gain an even better understanding of what they are going through and have hundreds of pages of evidence-based information in your hands, we recommend checking it out Our GGS Pre- and postnatal coaching certification.

Our team of experts (including doctoral, pelvic physiology, OB / GYNs, and prenatal and postnatal experts) created this comprehensive curriculum to teach health and fitness professionals how to train and postpartum women are safe, healthy and strong – both during and after pregnancy. So if you have more learning to do, we're here to help.

Quiz time!

Before we begin, it is important to note that the questions in this quiz focus solely on specific situations that women may encounter or experience after childbirth, which means that we are not Testing you on the key coaching skills that someone working with clients should have. For example, you won't see questions about:

  • Basic communication skills and listening skills.
  • How to write educational programs for different goals.
  • General anatomy and physiology.
  • The industrial differences between men and women clients.
  • The similarities and differences in coaching psychology when working with male and female clients.
  • Build a relationship and trust with your customers.
  • Aerobic capacity, blood pressure or fat distribution.
  • Modify, progress, or relinquish any exercise during a meeting.
  • Helping clients set behavior-based goals.
  • And many, many more basic coaching skills.

Probably you I will see questions on topics such as post-mortem anatomy and physiology, postpartum nutrition, and your professionalism when working with this client. Note, however, that anatomy and experience vary among women and that not all questions are relevant to every woman.

For each of the questions, give an honest assessment of your knowledge on a 0-5 scale, where 0 means you know nothing about the subject and 5 means you are an expert.

Coach quiz after childbirth

Theme # 1: Changes in female anatomy and physiology after pregnancy

A client is 3 years after childbirth and has realized that he has a large dimension that does not heal well. How confident do you feel you are in dealing with this concern?

Not at allExcellent confidence

A client reveals that urine is leaking during exercise, and you can tell he is embarrassed when he shows up. How comfortable do you feel talking to her about it and adjusting her workout accordingly?

Quite uncomfortableExtremely comfortable

Your client is five weeks postpartum and reveals he is experiencing bloody rejection. How comfortable do you feel talking to her about this?

Quite uncomfortableExtremely comfortable

Total for this section 0/ 15

Theme # 2: Common post-pregnancy musculoskeletal concerns

One customer describes a feeling of gravity in the perineum and reports that he feels something is falling when lifting anything over 25 pounds. How confident do you feel in your ability to answer her questions correctly while staying within the scope of your practice and in your knowledge of where to refer this client for specialized help?

I'm ignorantVery sure

Your client tells you that she recently had a friend diagnosed with prolapse and is now terrified of having it too because she felt some pressure on her perineum during exercise. How prepared do you feel to respond to her concern?

Totally unpreparedI understood

Your client tells you he has back pain during the kettlebell swing. Do you feel confident that you are adapting her exercises or technique to perform these exercises, taking into account some of the physiological changes from pregnancy and childbirth?

Not at allYes, totally

Your client has discomfort, tightness and tingling around the scar of Section C. She wonders if this is normal and if there is anything she can do about it. How confident do you feel you are in answering this question?

I'm ignorantI'm an expert

Total for this section 0/ 20

Theme # 3: Rehabilitation and rehabilitation after pregnancy

Your client asks if there is anything he can do in the first 6 weeks before returning to your gym to "speed up" his recovery. How confident do you feel you are in answering this question?

Not at allCompletely confident

Your client is six weeks postpartum, and says he gets pelvic pain when he steps out. How sure do you feel you helped her with this?

Not at allIt is absolutely certain

Your client doesn't feel like going back to the gym yet, but wonders if there are any stretches or exercises he can do at home to help relieve painful joints and muscle tension that would not be overly taxing. Do you feel ready to give her recommendations on recovery that will not cause pain or harm?

NoYes, I know exactly that

Total for this section 0/ 15

Issue # 4: Return to Exercise After Pregnancy

Your client who had a C-section wants to return to the exercise and wants to guide you on how to start a training program again. How well do you understand how recovering from a C segment can be different from recovering from a vaginal delivery?

I'm ignorantI've covered it

Your client is five weeks postpartum and wants to start going to the gym on a regular basis starting after the doctor's appointment the following Monday. How comfortable would you feel to develop a return exercise program for a six-week client?

Quite uncomfortable100% confident

Your client is premature after childbirth and really eager to lose weight after seeing how quickly his sister dropped the baby weight. He asks for your help. How sure do you feel about how to approach the situation?

Totally uncertain100% sure

Your client wants to compete in a triathlon in six months (it's eight weeks postpartum) and is wondering if you can design a schedule that will prepare it in time. How confident do you feel about talking to her about this goal?

I'm ignorantI've covered it

Your client had her first child about seven weeks ago, but now that she's back in the gym she has no idea where to start or what she wants to focus on. How prepared do you feel to help your client set appropriate post-partum goals during recovery?

Not at allI am a professional

Total for this section 0/ 25

Theme # 5: Diet after pregnancy

Your client wonders if she needs to adjust her diet while breastfeeding and whether what she eats will affect her baby's development. How informed are you about specific nutritional needs during breastfeeding?

Not at allI'm an expert

Your client is four weeks postpartum and anxious to lose the weight she gained during pregnancy. She asks if it's okay to make the same keto diet that helped her sister lose 20 pounds. Do you know how to answer this question?


Your customer asks if there are any foods or supplements that will help him recover faster after his C-section. How comfortable do you feel talking about this aspect of eating with her?

Not at allExtremely comfortable

Your client asks if it is safe to drink alcohol while breastfeeding while "pumping and pouring". Can you answer her question and provide scientifically supported reasoning?


Total for this section 0/ 20

Theme # 6: Prenatal Training & Psychology

Your client's three-month-old daughter recently died and is coming for a first meeting. How confident do you think you know how to compassionately handle this situation?

Not at allVery sure

You have a client who is four months postpartum. He has missed a lot of meetings with you, and in the meetings he makes, it seems unprofessional to train. He even started crying at some of the sessions. How equipped do you feel you can help her?

I'm ignorant I understood

Your client is really frustrated that she has not been able to return to the training she did before her pregnancy and feels like she has never regained her strength. How comfortable do you have a discussion about her culture and the standards she holds?

Not at allI am a professional

You worry about your customer because he often says things like, "I can't do it anymore – it's too much!" and "I'm so burnt out!" How familiar are you with the concept of emotional work and how can it affect your client's ability to achieve her goals?

Not at allWell known

Your client is three months postpartum and has repeatedly mentioned how "gross" he thinks his stomach is now, because he still has some stretch marks and loose skin that "should have gone by now". In such a situation, when a customer has unrealistic expectations of how his body should look like, how confident do you feel in your ability to help redefine his mindset and goals to be more realistic?

Not at allCompletely confident

Total for this section 0/ 25

Theme # 7: Leadership and professionalism

Your client is struggling to do Breath Connection on his own at home so you want to have your practice as you need it. How confident do you think you are using words like vagina, anus and perineum with your customers?

It's not good at allCompletely confident

A new client wants to start training with you. It is three months after childbirth. How much work do you do, beyond the recruitment form, to understand each customer's history and identity?

No oneI find out I can

Your client has asked you many questions about postpartum pain, how he can adjust his exercises to alleviate it a bit, and what he can do at home to help. How confident are you in understanding what is beyond your scope of practice and when to refer your client to the appropriate doctor?

Not at allVery sure

How often do you say things like "You look awesome!" or "I can tell you you've lost weight!" to your postpartum clients during your training sessions?

All the timeNever

Total for this section 0/ 20

Issue # 8: Postpartum Common Barricades

Your client is really inconsistent with scheduling one-on-one appointments, and even when doing the program, he says he finds it difficult to make the time with you. How prepared do you feel to help her with this?

Not at all100% prepared

Your client reveals that she is struggling not to feel close to her baby or that she is not happy about being a mom and full of guilt. How comfortable do you feel talking to her about this?

Quite uncomfortableI understood

Your doctor after childbirth has seemed really low in recent weeks, has become more distant than usual, and has reported not having much sleep. You are worried he may be struggling with postpartum depression. How comfortable do you feel having a conversation with your client to check in for her well-being?

Quite uncomfortable100% comfortable

Total for this section 0/ 15

How did you do?

Feel like you were shaking that quiz? It's wonderful! Not so sure how you did it? Do not worry! This is why GGS is here – to make sure you have the information you need to feel 100% confident in each of these scenarios.

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