Super Creamy Pumpkin Seed Butter – Green Kitchen Stories

Our family burns through the nuts as most people consume milk. I have a theory that vegetarians love nuts more because they need the extra fat and protein they lack in some vegetables. Leave a comment if you are also a nut butter loving vegetarian so I can see if my theory makes sense 🙂

At home we usually buy peanut butter because it is cheap and there are many brands with a clear ingredient label. Sometimes we buy almond, hazelnut or cashew butter and other times we do. It's a fairly simple process, all you need is a powerful food processor and some roasted nuts. The fat in the nuts is released when mixed and converted into butter nut. We usually add sunflower or pumpkin seeds to our nuts, because they are less expensive than nuts and are a very small trick to make buttermilk more affordable (we made one very great blog post about it here).
What we don't do very often is to make pure butter butter, as they often turn out to be a bit thick and compact. But shortly thereafter we repaired a coffee shop that had a jar of pumpkin seed butter on the counter and it was all we love about nuts – rich, tasty, creamy, loose and liquid – but it was completely free. It turned out that most of our attempts at butter butter were made with sunflower seeds, so once we got home we almost immediately made a batch of pure pumpkin seed butter. It turned out really good, but still a little too much, so we did another lot. This time we added a little coconut oil and some watercress for a taste boost and it was perfect. Wonderful and delicious. You could easily play more with the spices and add cinnamon, ginger and possibly some cloves for a pumpkin spice flavor. You could also sweeten it (though not necessary as pumpkin seeds provide a mild sweetness). If you do, we recommend using sugar or coconut sugar instead of any syrup, as liquid sweeteners react with the oil in the butter nut and make it more stable.

This pumpkin seed butter is great for making apple slices, celery and carrots, but we also sprinkle with sandwiches, yogurt, porridge bowls, stir in energy bars and desserts.
We created the video below to show you the process. Try it out and let us know what you think!