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Champions League-Arsenal 2-2 in Paris, unbeaten in 18 games, Jilu has broken the goal

Beijing time on the morning of November 24, 2016-17 season In the fifth round of the UEFA Champions League Group A, Arsenal took a 2-2 draw against Paris Saint-Germain at the Emirates Stadium and remained unbeaten in the last 18 events. Paris Saint-Germain was built by Cavani and Lucas, Arsenal was penalized by Giroud, and Verdi also sent an Oolong gift.

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British Championship O’Sullivan blasts 3 shots and breaks 100-6 to zero opponents into the second round

November 24, 2016/2017 season Snow The British Championship continued. In the first round of a match, the “Rocket” O’Sullivan fired all the way, completing a three-shot break of 60+, and finally 6-0 zero-season Thai Kaidekun, successfully advanced into the British Championships. second round.

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There is no change in the internals of the West or the imprisonment of the Brazilian king for 2 years

Barca’s recent days are not good, the last round of the league without Messi and In the case of Suarez, only Neymar was charged, Barcelona ended up with a 0-0 squad in Malaga, and behind Real Madrid (data) has reached 4 points. And there is still a headache for Barcelona – Neymar may be sentenced to two years for transferring to Barcelona! According to the British media “Daily Mirror” report, Neymar moved from Brazil’s Santos Club to Barcelona in 2013 (signing for five years), but Brazil’s investment group IDS (with Neymar 40% transfer rights) said it did not A sufficient transfer commission was received from Neymar’s transfer, and IDS initiated a lawsuit. Once the evidence from the Spanish authorities is sufficient, Neymar will face jail time!

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Jordan was personally awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by Obama

US President Barack Obama presented the Presidential Medal of Freedom to 21 people from all walks of life in the White House today. As the biggest Bulls fan, Obama played humor again when he met Michael Jordan. He not only spit on the trapeze expression of the trapeze, but also ridiculed him as a “small dunk”, but with Obama is about to step down, this may be his last time to ridicule the NBA as president.

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Yi Jianlian and Zhou Peng take up the heavy responsibility of Guangdong

The 10th round of the 2016-17 season CBA regular season, the 83rd military matchup in the history of the league, Guangdong team In the away game, there was no resistance, and the Bayi team was taken 122-78. The match between Ah Lian and Zhou Peng was fired. The first two scored 9 points and 11 points respectively, and the team scored 20 points to help the Guangdong team establish a huge advantage of 22 points with 37-15. To set the tone for the whole game. In the second quarter, Yi Jianlian’s status is still hot, 2 points in 3, 3 points, 3 points in 3, 2 points in a single section, and scored 12 points in the middle of the game. At the end of the half, the individual score has reached 21 points. There were also 13 points in the game. In the third quarter, Zhou Peng continued to score points. He scored 10 points in a single quarter and then fixed his score to 23 points. Yi Jianlian also scored 25 points in advance to “punch”.

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