Sorry, Thin People's Poop food is not likely to make you thin

Although there are certainly some quadruple celebrity doctors, I would like to see them eat crap, but what I wouldn't say to them is that this could have a beneficial effect on their weights.

A recent small study, "Effects of transplanted faecal microorganisms with oral capsules on obese patients, found results that at least for me were not completely unexpected. 22 patients with obesity were randomly assigned to receive either a "fecal microorganism transplant"from a donor whose BMI was 17.5 or a placebo and to take it for 3 months (and for those curious, the induction dose was 30 capsules).

The transplants were successful in changing the recipient's germ, but unfortunately did not affect their weights.

Perhaps the only thing that is surprising about all this is that there are people out there who firmly believe that a microbial transplant is an opportunity against thousands of genes, tens of hormones and a Willy Wonkian food environment, accompanied by millions of years of eclectic evolution. insecurity.