Sleeping iron triangle, help sleep well

Sleep iron triangle, help sleep well

Sleep iron triangle, help sleep well

With the improvement of modern living standards, people pay more and more attention to the effect of sleep quality on health, but the fact is also true. Sleep can not only save energy for us, but also restore physical strength. Let us work and live in a resilience, and turn our short-term memories into long-term memories, delete useless memories, and better organize our knowledge and reserves.

Sleep iron triangle, help sleep well

But if we lack sleep, we will lose more than that. Whether you are short-term suspicion or insomnia year after year. So, what are the hazards of lack of sleep?

Insufficient short-term sleep: Unable to get the required sleep time and quality of sleep for two to four weeks.

Hazard of short-term sleep deprivation:

  • Unsatisfactory, unresponsive

  • memory disorder

  • cognitive impairment

  • reduced pressure resistance

  • Low quality of life

  • Occupational injury (work injury)

  • Traffic Injury

Sleep Iron Triangle, help sleep well

Long-term lack of sleep: lasts for more than four weeks Unable to get the required sleep time and sleep quality.

Hazard of chronic lack of sleep:

  • high blood pressure

  • Heart Attack

  • Heart Failure

  • Stroke (4x chance)

  • obesity

  • depression

  • attention deficit disorder

  • Influencing bed quality of life

  • Immune response is weak

  • Intensified pain


Weigh the pros and cons of sleep, how can we get a perfect sleep?

According to the “Sleep Triangle Theory” proposed by the US SLEEP TO LIVE Sleep Research Institute, sleep environment, behavioral habits, and sleep tools are all decisive factors in sleep quality. Therefore, in order to ensure a good night’s sleep, these three aspects can not be ignored:

Sleep iron triangle, help sleep well

Sleep environment

Indoor light darkness Wear eye mask if needed;

18-20°C is the most suitable sleep temperature, otherwise it will disturb sleep;

eliminate all noise, including music, TV, for outdoor noise Avoid

free by closing windows or earplugs.

Sleep iron triangle, help sleep well

Behavioral habits

Sleep on time, try to be at 11 o’clock Go to sleep before;

You should avoid taking a long nap or a nap during the day, otherwise it will reduce the driving force of sleep, and it is not easy to fall asleep at night. The nap time is 15-20 minutes, 3 pm It is not advisable to take a nap again;

Turn off all electronic devices;

Don’t exercise vigorously before going to bed, listen to some soothing music and spend an hour relaxing yourself;

Do not eat, especially spicy and greasy food, do not drink tea, coffee, carbonated drinks, etc.

Sleep iron triangle, help sleep well

Sleep device


Good, all-round support is the foundation of a good mattress. Because the human body is curved, a mattress with strong support is a good support for the neck, waist and other parts, whether it is lying flat or lying on the side, so that the body can relax in all directions. . At the same time, a mattress that can bring perfect sleep should be able to wrap the body curve, fit every part of the body, help blood circulation, relieve the discomfort caused by stress concentration, and also have fine ventilation that is ventilated and ventilated to adapt to heat conduction. Function section.

Sleep iron triangle, help sleep well


To have the right height, supine height on the back, side height on the side, and high neck The head is low.

To have a reasonable curvature, the pillow fits the natural physiological curve of the head and neck, so that the head and neck have a comprehensive natural support.

There should be a comfortable, malleable material that fits perfectly into the curve of the head and neck, allowing the cervical vertebra to relax at zero pressure.

Sleep iron triangle, help sleep well


The quality of bedding is especially important. When buying, you should first pay attention to the brand and environmental factors, and then the price and style. Be sure to choose the products of the genuine manufacturer, strictly in accordance with the standards set by the state, the product size is sufficient, workmanship is fine. Before choosing, you should have a whole consideration of your own furniture, the style of the bed and the style of the home decoration. Choose a color that is close to the base color or a contrasting color to give you a harmonious visual effect.

Sleep iron triangle, help sleep well