Sleep Master effectively controls sleep

sleep master  effectively control sleep

Learn about nighttime sleep changes

People don’t stay in sleep all night. The two physiological states of sleep and awakening are cyclical and transformed. This cyclical change occurs approximately 3 to 5 times during the night, each lasting 1.5 to 2 hours. When we close our eyes, the brain and muscles begin to relax. The brain wave frequency is reduced from 10 times/second to about 1 time/second. This is the famous a rhythm that appears during sleepiness. Then, when the brain wave is further weakened, it goes to sleep. At first, it does not sleep deeply, and slowly can sleep deeply. This process lasted for about 90 minutes and once again turned into a deep sleep. At this time, it is easy to be awakened by the outside world. Once we are shocked, our body is still paralyzed, and the eyeball is turning sharply, and the brain is accelerating the reaction. This process takes about 10 to 15 minutes. During this period, although we are awake, we often feel unconscious for the first minute or two. After that, we went on to a deep sleep and then went to sleep. This cycle is repeated many times until it wakes up.

sleep master will effectively control sleep

Find the “weak” cycle

Everyone has the same sleep cycle as a fingerprint, with individuals characteristic. We can find out the exact duration of the cycle and make better use of day and night. The calculation is simple: it is enough to divide by a rhythm. Every day in a regular time, we feel weak. The eyelids began to fight and the hearing subsided. In fact, this belongs to this normal a rhythm. Choose a quiet day to measure the interval between two “weaknesses”. Usually 1~2 hours. This is your biological clock. It will not change in your life.

sleep master will effectively control sleep

Learn to use instant sleep

A study of American college students shows that one can make the most of daylight In the midst of several sudden sleeps, he can sleep for a few days without feeling sleepy. When you want to sleep (that is, a rhythm is coming), don’t resist, let yourself close your eyes and obey this law. It only has 10~30 seconds, but the effect is not normal. When you can achieve this lightning-fast break several times a day, you will feel energetic and clear-headed.

sleep master will effectively control sleep

Using a rhythm

Sleeping is not about the length of time, but It is the quality of sleep. If your sleep cycle is 2 hours, a rhythm is coming at 22:30, you don’t have to go to bed at 22 o’clock. Waiting for sleep can only annoy you, and may even make you miss a good time to really sleepy. If you go home at 1am, you don’t have to go to bed immediately because you can’t sleep until 2:30. You should take a shower and look at the book during this time… When a rhythm requests you, you will fall asleep quickly. When you wake up the next day, you will feel refreshed because you are very smoothly jumping from a sleep cycle to the second or third cycle.

sleep master will effectively control sleep

Guarantee to wake up in time

If you don’t hear the alarm the next day, this is not owed Sleep, but because the alarm clock sounds the best during your sleep cycle, you should calculate your own biological clock the night before and decide to get up at the end of the third or fourth cycle of sleep. Don’t let yourself sleep again in the 1~2 minutes that caused the depth of sleep to gradually change to the top. In case you can’t, you’d better put the alarm a few times. A total of 15 minutes between waking up and getting up is usually used to get the body back quickly.

sleep master will effectively control sleep

Work better with sleep

Everyone has this experience: sometimes The problem we couldn’t understand at night, the unexpected breakthrough in the early morning of the next day, this is not the cause of external stimuli, but the result of our brain working intensely at night.

We can use our brains to work unconsciously at night to serve our work. When you are stuck with a problem before going to bed, don’t try to find the answer, just print it clearly in your head, often causing you to receive an unexpected gift the next day; you can also fall asleep Prepare memories and lectures for the next day, consider the plan for the week…