Sleep hard during pregnancy, seven strokes to improve sleep quality

1, the distress of the pregnant mother’s sleep posture

The time for the pregnant mother to give birth to the baby is about 40 weeks. During this time, as the stomach grows bigger, the pregnant woman sleeps. The problem of posture must have plagued many pregnant mothers. Do you have to sleep on your left side during sleep? Can you lie on your back? Today, I will share with you the sleep posture of pregnant women and tell you about the good posture of early pregnancy, mid-pregnancy and late pregnancy. However, before sharing the method, please ask if you have any troubles or encounters.

The distress of pregnant mother

A pregnant mother complained: “Many people say that during the pregnancy, the sleeping position is on the left side, this will The baby is good, you can sleep for a long time or move your right lower abdomen to hurt.”

B pregnant mother said with distress: “I know that sleeping on the left side is good, but sleeping sideways After a long time, my feet will be very numb, and I will sleep in the right side. Sometimes I want to rest on my back for a while. The result is too sleepy. I lay flat on the night until dawn. I have been pregnant for 18 weeks. Will not affect the baby?”

C pregnant mother said: “I have been pregnant for four months, I have never slept well since I was pregnant. I heard that the left side sleeps well, but I I usually wake up once in an hour. Sometimes I forget, I am lying on my back, but I can feel a little uncomfortable when I wake up. I really want to know how other pregnant mothers usually sleep, how can they protect the baby, but also Improve sleep quality?”

Do you have the above distress? Do you resonate with the distress of the above pregnant mother? In fact, these are all out of your care for the baby, it is very normal. Pregnant mothers don’t have to worry too much, you can try the methods we mentioned below to improve your sleep quality!

2, pregnant mother does not have to worry too much about sleep posture

Pregnant mother does not have to worry too much about sleep posture

If your sleep posture is uncomfortable for the baby, the baby will feel it, and he will respond to you. When you feel the signal he gives you, you can adjust to the sleeping position that the baby feels comfortable.

Pregnant mothers don’t have to worry too much about sleeping postures, avoiding excessive tension and worrying about sleep. If the pregnant mother does worry that unconsciously turning over after falling asleep will affect the growth and development of the baby in the stomach, it is recommended that the pregnant mother can put a cushion on each side of the body, and put the leg on the side to sleep will be comfortable; or When you are sleeping on the side, put a long pillow on your back and your knees are slightly bent. At the same time, put a small pillow under the stomach, and put a small pillow in the middle of the feet; you can also use a pillow or cushion designed for pregnant mothers to support the body for better sleep.

3, pregnant mother is not only able to sleep in the left side of the bed

Pregnant mother is not only able to sleep in the left side of the bed

For the sleep posture during pregnancy, the following suggestions are given. The prospective mothers can refer to the following.

You can sleep in the early pregnancy

Maybe many pregnant moms are experiencing the above-mentioned troubles or worries, telling the prospective mothers that they are actually pregnant in the early pregnancy. Still can lie flat and sleep, do not need to sleep on the left side. Because the uterus of the pregnant mother does not exceed the pelvic cavity before the 12th week of pregnancy, it will not oppress the large blood vessels on the posterior side of the abdominal wall, nor will it oppress the inferior vena cava and affect the heart’s blood flow, which will cause the discomfort of the pregnant mother. The baby is hypoxic.

It is recommended to sleep in the left side of the second trimester.

If the pregnant mother reaches the middle or late pregnancy, it is recommended that you use the sleeping position on the left side. This sleeping position is conducive to the uterus to the normal position, so that the blood circulation of the pregnant mother is not affected by the pregnant uterus. At the same time, it can guarantee a full blood supply to the whole body, and also ensure the blood supply to the placenta and the baby.

It is recommended not to sleep in the supine position in the third trimester

In the third trimester, if the pregnant mother sleeps in a sleeping position, the heavy uterus will be behind the abdominal wall. The large blood vessels produce oppression, affecting the heart’s returning blood volume, causing various discomforts caused by the inferior vena cava reflow disorder. For example, flustered, pulsed or blood pressure drops. At the same time, sleeping on the back is easy to cause insufficient hematopoiesis in the placenta, so that the baby is deprived of oxygen.

4, seven strokes to improve the quality of pregnant mothers

Seven strokes to improve the quality of pregnant mothers

1, can be used before going to sleep Hot feet soak your feet and massage your feet to avoid cramping your feet. When sleeping, the pregnant mother tries to keep the lower limbs warm and is good for sleep.

2, pregnant mother should not sleep in a soft bed, because this will increase back pain, it will also pressure the aorta and inferior vena cava, affecting the health of pregnant mothers and baby. It is recommended that the pregnant mother sleep on a hard bed. If the pregnant mother is not used to it, she can lay a cotton pad about 10 cm thick on the bed.

3, before going to bed, you can properly raise your legs to avoid edema or varicose veins in your lower limbs.

4. Reduce the temperature of the sleeping environment. Because the expectant mother’s body temperature will be relatively elevated during pregnancy, a little lowering the temperature of the sleeping environment can make the pregnant mother feel more comfortable and help to fall asleep, but the temperature should not be too low.

5, pregnant mothers should drink plenty of water during the day, drink as little as possible three hours before going to bed to avoid going to the toilet at night.

6, pregnant mother can do some relaxing exercise before going to bed, listen to light music to relax, to help fall asleep.

7. It is best for pregnant mothers to take more time during the day and take a nap in the morning or afternoon. Pregnant women in the workplace should try to grasp the lunch break as much as possible to reduce fatigue.