Sleep disorder is disordered and sleep disorders may occur

Sleep is the need of life, so people can’t live without sleep, and the lack of sleep every day needs to be filled, otherwise it will be punished, much like debts must be the same. The basic law of normal sleep, everyone must follow, if this most basic law is disordered, then it must be sleep disease.

sleep disorder is disordered, sleep disorders may occur Insufficient sleep, there will be dizziness, unable to concentrate, memory is obviously reduced, emotional irritability, easy to lose temper, expression is sluggish, sometimes even depressed, depressed, suicidal thoughts. Others will also have hallucinations, such as hearing others talking to him, seeing strange things, etc., sometimes suspicious, sensitive, always suspicious, others want to harm themselves, etc., and mental illness is very similar.

sleep disorder is disordered, sleep disorders may occurSleep diseases can be divided into three categories:
1. Sleep too little, insomnia, refers to a condition that is not satisfied with the quality and quantity of sleep for a long time, and cannot be statistically normal sleep time. As the main criterion for diagnosing insomnia. Anxiety or fear of insomnia can form a vicious circle that causes symptoms to persist.
Second, sleep too much, lethargy, too much sleep during the day, not caused by lack of sleep, not caused by drugs, brain organic diseases or physical diseases, nor a mental disorder (such as neurasthenia, depression) )a part of.

sleep disorder is disordered, there may be sleep disorders Third, abnormal behavior occurs during sleep, so-called abnormal sleep, usually occurs during deep sleep during sleep, get up indoors or outdoors, or do some regular activities during the day, generally no language activities, no inquiry Answer, more can automatically go back to bed to continue to sleep, wake up in the morning can not recall, more common in children and adolescents.