Sleep Consultant Answer: Sleeping during pregnancy

Do mothers feel that they are sleeping worse than usual during pregnancy? About 80% of pregnant women, especially those in the third trimester of pregnancy, feel that they sleep worse than before pregnancy, and they also suffer from night waking and early waking.

There is an interesting explanation for the worsening of sleep in the third trimester, in order to adapt to the frequent nights of the neonatal period.

Sleep Consultant Answer: Sleeping during pregnancy

What are the ways parents can help me sleep better during pregnancy?

You can try the following ways:

★★ Exercise for at least 30 minutes every day, drink plenty of water during the day, drink less at night, relax before going to bed, relax on the left side

Sleep and so on.

★★ Sandwich the pregnant woman’s pillow between the legs while supporting the back.

★★ Try to keep the lights dark when you are going to the toilet at night, and avoid glare to dispel your sleepiness.

★★ Don’t be too anxious when you are in a sleepless state.

Parents ask me if my baby is not sleeping well because I have not slept during pregnancy?

Small soil answer I have heard this saying: “Baby sleep is not good, because the mother stays up late during pregnancy, the baby who sleeps well is the mother to sleep early during pregnancy.”

A survey I have done (a total of 110 netizens’ effective messages), although the results are not accurate, but basically answered this question, that is, the mother’s work during pregnancy and the baby’s sleep is not necessarily causal. However, the fetus can sense the maternal pressure level, and sleeping much can help reduce the stress level. It is hoped that the pregnant mother will try to ensure adequate rest.

Mother with a twin, said that two children sleep well and the other sleeps badly. It is a complicated problem to see if they can sleep well. Congenital factors are part of it, and the cultivation of the acquired nature and habits are also important. If your mother does not sleep well, don’t worry, don’t worry about affecting the baby, the causal link of the matter is not so clear, and the relaxation may bring unexpected surprise.

# Looking forward to the end of the “unloading”, with a new identity – father, mother. Many new mothers feel that their newborn sleep is much worse when they are sleeping and during pregnancy. According to the author’s post-investigation statistics, in the voting of more than 500 people, as many as 68% of the people did not have access to the knowledge of infant sleep during pregnancy, which is difficult to survive, even 18% of the respondents who are already prepared are still I feel that it is not easy to practice. From the voting results, the probability of encountering an angel baby is not great.

Sleep Consultant Answer: Sleeping during pregnancy

If you are a prospective mother, bless you to be the lucky 1%. I hope that the expectant mother will be prepared during pregnancy and will not be caught off guard when she encounters difficulties.

(The above content is taken from: Beijing Normal University Press, “Infant Sleeping Book”)


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