Sleep—choose a good pillow to achieve good sleep

Speaking of pillows, everyone must be familiar with them. Most people have pillows for sleeping every day. As for Xiaohe himself, when I was a child, the sponge was broken and filled with sponge. Later, the kind of pillow filled with silk silk was popular. I still remember that it was my mother’s hand-stitched pillowcase. I always liked the small flower above. When I was in school, I lived in the school. The school also sent the kind of pillow filled with silk silk. It was easy to sleep until graduation. I had already slept into a piece of paper. I threw it away directly. Later, I went to work and liked to buy some big plush toys. If I bought more, I would like to use the pillow as a pillow. The pillow is also comfortable, and it is also beautiful on the bed. The problem is that the neck and the cervical spine can’t stand the long time to sleep, and the pillow is often severe when you wake up. Sitting at work still has to sit for a long time, and the cervical vertebra is gradually unable to stand. In addition to the parents’ grades, the cervical vertebrae problems have gradually emerged, so I have a certain degree of attention to the purchase of pillows.

sleep---choose a good pillow to achieve good sleep

There are many different kinds of pillows on the market. Their functions, styles, comfort and price are all different. How to choose a pillow that suits you? The characteristics and strengths of the pillows and the advantages and advantages of the pillows make the function of the pillows to the maximum extent. Below I will use the four commonly used ones to make a sub-analysis of the pillows.

First, let’s talk about down pillows. Girls who like pillows must be the favorite for down pillows, because it can not only be used for sleeping, but also can be torn apart when playing with the girlfriends. Of course, the main function of the pillow is to sleep. The down pillow is soft and comfortable to touch, and the filling elasticity makes the sleep particularly comfortable. Because it is filled with down, its warmth is also excellent. The texture is light, soft and comfortable fits the human body arc, and it is super convenient to carry. Of course, its shortcomings are also obvious, inconvenient to clean, but not suitable for people who are allergic to down.

Sleep---Choose a good pillow for a good night's sleep Let’s talk about latex pillows. Latex pillows are made of rubber as the name suggests. Latex pillows have become popular in Chinese households in recent years. Because of their soft texture, comfortable and delicate touch, and excellent elasticity. It is not easy to be deformed, and it has high support force to the human cervical vertebrae, effectively protecting the cervical vertebrae of the human body, and it is not easy to fatigue for a long time to cause cervical vertebrae problems. The surface morphology is mostly pore-shaped and granular, and the gas permeability and massage effect are excellent. In addition, it has good antibacterial properties and long service life, which is convenient for cleaning and maintaining indoor hygiene. However, due to its raw materials and process problems, latex pillows are more expensive than other types of pillows.

Sleep---Choose a good pillow for a good night's sleep There is also a memory cotton pillow. The material of the memory pillow is high-density, shock-absorbing and breathable memory technology cotton. The original output was born by the US Space Agency, NASA. It was originally used on the seats of the aircraft to mitigate the occurrence of accidents. The physical impact of aviation personnel, this high-quality performance has gradually been applied to the civilian industry. This function of memory cotton is derived from its viscoelastic properties, which will be evenly dispersed and simulate the shape of the human body while sleeping. Provide complete support to all parts to avoid muscle fatigue, soreness or stiff neck problems.

Sleep---Choose a good pillow to achieve good sleep Finally, the health pillow, the health pillow is the internal filling material is mostly some herbal materials, according to the characteristics of the herbal material, the sleep and the human body have certain adjustment and improvement effects, such as buckwheat pillow, use warm winter and summer Cool, it has a good heat and bonfire effect for people who get angry and angry. Cassia Pillow has a natural physiotherapy effect and is widely used in laxative, antihypertensive, weight loss and other fields. The effect of the silkworm sand pillow on cooling and relieving heat, relieving blood circulation and promoting blood circulation in the brain is deeply loved by the elderly. Its essence is clean and full of elasticity, which can fully adjust your sleep state. There are also some lavender and jasmine-filled pillows that are good for sleep, which are popular among women. The effect of the health pillow is different because of its internal filling, but the same shortcoming is that it can not be cleaned, and it is often dried in the sun to avoid mold and insects.

Having a comfortable sleep is responsible for yourself. It is very important to buy a pillow that suits you to stabilize your sleep quality. Buying different pillow cores, cleaning and maintenance and other essentials are different, you must ask clearly when you buy, and also see the instructions for use, so that its value can be maximized.