Simply cookies of whole grain sugar

This is the recipe I use whenever I want the perfect sugar cookies. They bake them beautifully with a nice structure and a hint of the moment when you break them into two. Particularly true if you can wait for the extra minute or two before taking them out of the oven. So they have the time to move from simple-just baked to gold, crisp, and toasted. Dough is an absolute dream to work. And the taste? They have just the right amount of salt to cope with the sweet. Simply cookies of whole grain sugar

This recipe makes enough dough to yield a lot of biscuits, with the dough remaining to freeze. Usually the energy is exhausted before the dough ends. I thought I had published this recipe for a long time (!), But a search through my records proved that I was wrong! I also include the icing that I like.


As far as freezing is concerned, I have many thoughts. ?) I have a basic recipe I use and then sting it from there. Sometimes, I like my icing slightly translucent, like a wash – so add more water. Other times, I want it more opaque, so I leave it as it is written (below). I always like to be a bit matte, not over-glossy, so you'll get it here. Also, have fun with natural colors. You could make tiny hot pink dots on the trees depicted with some raspberry powder and a piece of icing added to it. I like the yolk for yellow, it fits for the green, etc. Play around!

Simply cookies of whole grain sugar

Pro-tip! Keep your eyes peeled in yard sales, outdoor markets, and the like for special cookie cutters – where you find the gemstones. I have a basket of favorites that I can go to whenever I make cookies.