Simple zucchini recipe – 101 cookbooks

I saw a table at the market the other night sailing under the weight of a summer pumpkin mountain. Squash that looked like she wanted to hit her way to my basket. I'm sorry, I grabbed a bunch and made my home. We ended up using a couple to a favorite nothing in-it sauteed pumpkin recipe. It is pictured here on a simple spaghetti plate. Simple zucchini recipe

Sauteed zucchini? It is a kind of a tea. The zucchini coins tan in a frying pan, but what makes it stand out are the toasted gold pieces of garlic in combination with many fresh flowers. Throw in a sprinkling of almonds to crunch, and you're all right. Preparation takes five minutes, if so, and you can treat it as a side dish, or use it as an ingredient in something else …Simple zucchini recipe


I often cook a pan of zucchini like this, and then use it to make a frittata. Or toss it with a pasta platter. Above Farro with some walnut vinaigrette? It is not bad. Roasted like pork pie in a simple dough with goat smut? Even better. In any case, it is Really adaptable. And for those of you who don't use a lot of squash in your cooking … let me just say that dill is under-rated and not used properly. The more I cook with it, the more I love it – your fingers split as much as I did.

Simple zucchini recipe

Different types of zucchini

You can saute almost any kind of zucchini! Γμα Pumpkin / Summer Pumpkin blend, as pictured here. A pro tip – try cutting it to the same 1/4-inch thickness. Regarding the shape – you can cut whole coins or half coins. You can bring the zucchini straight, or bend it, and cut a bias. Feel free to experiment!

Simple zucchini recipe