Shandong financial planner training – financial planner exam easy?

Shandong financial planner training – financial planner exam is easy?

There are recent simulation questions on various financial planners on the Internet. Most people feel very good when they read the test questions. Simple, really so simple? The think tank financial management office is now conducting the following analysis, hoping to help candidates who take the test!

A: Exam subjects and content scores:

1. Level 1 (professional level) exam subjects: Basic Knowledge, Professional Competence, and Comprehensive Review. The examination method is written in pen and paper. The “Basic Knowledge” answers through the scribing machine, including single-choice and multi-selection; “Professional Competence” and “Comprehensive Review” are the answers to the questions, mainly case studies and propositional thesis.

2. Level 2 (general level) test subjects: “Basic Knowledge”, “Professional Competence”, “Comprehensive Review”. The examination methods are all on the computer test, in which “Basic Knowledge” includes single-choice, multiple-choice and judgment; “Professional Competence” is a single choice, and “Comprehensive Review” is an indefinite choice.

3. Level 3 (Assistant Level) Exam Subject: Basic Knowledge, Professional Competence. The test method is the computer test, in which “Basic Knowledge” includes single-choice, multiple-choice and judgment; “Professional Competence” is a single-selection.

Two: Financial planner’s planning test book

Financial planner basic knowledge, three-level professional ability, second-level professional ability, first-level professional ability

Three: Score ratio (basic knowledge basic theory VS calculation and problem solving ability)

First door: basic knowledge (90:10)

Second door: professional ability (50:50 )

The third door: comprehensive review (60:40)

The financial planner is the highest level of comprehensive financial certificate in the country, and its authority is not only the uniqueness of the financial industry. It is also necessary to have the professional use of financial instruments, and the skilled use of the test-specific financial calculator is a representative.

Take the exam as an example:

Title 1: Dr. Li and his wife have a 5-year-old son who is going to study abroad at the age of 18, and the total cost is currently For the 800,000 yuan hypothesis, the rate of increase in the cost of studying abroad for winter and winter is 4%. If the comprehensive investment rate before leaving home in winter and winter is 6%, you need to invest at least () yuan per month from now on.

A 6391.17

B 5657.57

C 7376.82

D 11677.36

Question 2: Mr. Chen this year 27 years old, ready to marry after 3 months, recently selected marriage room. After several comparisons, a two-bedroom apartment with a value of 1.5 million yuan was selected, and the down payment was 50%. The rest was loaned through commercial banks. The loan interest rate was 6.15%, and the loan term was 20 years. If Mr. Chen decides to adopt the equal principal repayment method, then the total amount of interest paid by Mr. Chen to the bank is ( ) when the loan is paid off.

A 487524.19

B 415301.54

C 463171.88

D 458147.23

Title 3: Assume Mr. Ren The family’s comprehensive investment yield is 8%. The following ( ) can achieve the financial goals of Mr. Ren and his wife to raise 1.8 million yuan in retirement after 20 years of retirement.

A Before the retirement, invest 36,420.35 yuan per year

B Now start a one-time investment of 200,000 yuan, and invest 1383.04 yuan at the end of each month before retirement

C Sexual investment of 200,000 yuan, initial investment of 1371.88 yuan per month before retirement

D Retirement before the initial investment of 33,933.98 yuan per year

The above are three types of calculation questions, not just exam questions, It also represents various uses in everyday life. Professional proficiency and comprehensive assessment exams account for 80% of the calculation questions. I believe that everyone will feel very hard when doing the simulation questions, especially if they don’t use the calculator to calculate. Some candidates will still be able to complete the exam questions even if they use the calculator.

There is a problem. If the candidate wants to pass the exam, 90% is to choose a training institution. As an admissions expert who has been engaged for many years, it can be said responsibly that online learning is fundamentally impossible. If you don’t believe it, you can test the water and let the practice prove it. Face-to-face courses are a must, and interactive communication and one-on-one tutoring are essential. The calculator must be mastered, and the training school is not willing to teach, because it is very troublesome, very cumbersome, and very monotonous.

The above is the suggestion of think tanks for the candidates from all over the country. I hope everyone can achieve their goals.

Shandong Financial Planner Training - Financial Planner Exam Easy?

Shandong Financial Planner Training - Financial Planner Exam Easy?