Second child: care about sex but don’t care too much

secondary: care about sex but not I care too much about

I have a blogger’s note: “Second, do you care about gender?” Oh, this question is asked, how can I answer? ? Looks like, as long as our two sons appear at the same time, they will surely come over with curious eyes, and then ask in amazement: “Do you have two sons in your family?” I said, “Yes, two sons!” Then people will Say: “Enough for you to make money!” I laughed and said nothing. Yes, when I was preparing for a second child, I also wrote the words “pregnancy: the second child I care about sex” and the “five reasons why the second child does not want a boy”. It can be seen that in fact, at the beginning, I was concerned. Gender.

No, I care about sex, this is true. I think, under normal circumstances, if you have a son, you want to have another daughter. If you have a daughter, if you have a second child, you still want to have a son. Everyone wants to make a “good” word. I am the same, no. Exceptions, human nature (of course, there are hopes for the two sons or the two daughters, I think this is a minority). However, this is just a certain desire in the heart. Whether it can be achieved or not depends on people. Look at the fate, right? During pregnancy, you can look at the B-single list, look at the belly, guess the sex, and have fun, you can imagine yourself, male or female.

As for the moment of birth, when the dust settles, if you can get what you want, you will be happy. If you are born not the boy or girl you want, don’t worry too much. Looking at the child’s peaceful landing, watching the little man who is pregnant in October, I think, there is no reason not to let go of the bottom of my heart is a trace of distracting! I remember that Mommy and I said that I didn’t like my son. I was born and my son really didn’t like it. For this reason, I was depressed for a long time. There were also Mommy who complained to me. Because I want my son, I can have a daughter who is born with a face. In fact, in reality, such cases are not uncommon.

This kind of mood can be understood, but what I want to say is: “No matter how others treat it, but as a mother of the child, I will work hard in October, and I will fit in October, one by one. Drops, every move, we are all heart-to-heart, all the way to perceive, watching the baby grow up a little bit, step by step, day and night look forward to imagining imagination, so we really have no reason to be male and female and stubbornly entangled “Isn’t it?” I remember when I was born in the delivery room, the relatives and Bohu who were waiting outside were discussing gender issues. After the birth of the boy, the next day, Bohu Xiaoyan and the aunt were there, saying Looking at Bohu looks unhappy.

In fact, they are wrong, this is just their reverie, high unhappy, not what they saw, they take it for granted because we want our daughter, because we have sons, so After this is a son, it is natural to be happy, but it is not. As everyone knows, when we heard that the two treasures announced their accession to the world with loud crying, how excited we were to know when the cows were born, because of the late crying, because the doctors in the following series of hospitals were not lost. The judgment of responsibility has caused us to shed a lot of tears and how much bitter we have suffered. Therefore, we have already satisfied ourselves when we see that the two treasures are so healthy and enter the WTO. As for men and women, they have already forgotten.

So, when the two treasures are still boys, watching the little men lying next to us, we love to have a plus, mixed feelings. Although it is a second child, it can be served, and it is more patient and patient than the boss! Therefore, our love for children, especially the care of the children of Bohu, and the service that I have tried my best, is enough to let the relatives of the self-righteous speculation, not to break it? Of course, it is undeniable that I have had several dreams during pregnancy. I have a strange dream. I was able to have a grandmother’s note at the time, hehe! I’m thinking about it, I have a dream at night, I think it’s limited to that, I think about it, right?

So, when you are ready to have a second child, when you have the condition to have a second child, you must think about this before you prepare. For those who are addicted to gender, not male or non-female, it is best not to do a second child dream. So, I want to answer that blogger: “If you want a second child, you can care about sex, but don’t care too much.”

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