School "Hot Meals" is beyond horrible. How did we let them do it?

As was my tradition, in December I restore old favorites from years. This year we will look back at 2016.

A friend on Twitter sent me the photo above. It's the warm meal of the week for kindergarten kids through Grade 6ers.

Hot dogs, donuts and juices.


And then of course, there are pizza days, side days and various other awesome eating days that not only serve the kids but also teach the kids that it is perfectly normal to have fast food each week.

Would parents go in front of the buses for their children, and yet they can't pack a healthy lunch every day? Clearly not a money like $ 5 for a hot dog, a donut and a juice box certainly does not make this hot meal a value proposition.

How did we get here as a society?

Most importantly, how do we leave?