Saturday Stories: # COVID19 #FlattenTheCurve #CancelEverything Edition

7 views on why social distance is so important right now and why it shouldcancel everythingIf you think # COVID19 isn't a big deal, take some time to read these pieces to find out why you're wrong (it was ordered exclusively in the order I happened to read them).

Eliza Barclay and Dylan Scott, on Vox.

Tomas Pueyo in the middle

Yascha Monk, in the Atlantic

Helen Branswell, at STAT

André Picard, at The Globe and Mail

Sharon Kirkey in The National Post

Kaitlyn Tiffany in the Atlantic

Also here is Wency Leung, in The Globe and Mail, on what to do if you think you have COVID19 and here's Toronto Star's infographic on what self-isolation should look like if you're determined to you have been infected with the virus.

Siouxsie Wiles and Toby Morris / CC BY-SA

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