Sales psychology: salesmen can use this method to sell successfully

The accumulation of subtle psychological burdens will cause a great apology.

People often say that “the salesman is eating by his legs.” Even if they are repeatedly rejected, they will continue to go to the door to sell. If you say “I don’t plan to buy your things at all, so how many times you come is white!” Then the salesman will answer with full energy, “Where is it, this is my job, please don’t mind, I just want to Please listen to my explanation.” After he has been here five or six times, some people with weak feelings will be convinced by him. In addition, some people say that “selling goods must be carried out in rainy or snowy days”, because most people will sympathize with the salesman who sells in the rain or snowy weather where no one is going out. Although they volunteered to go to the door, people also know that this is their sales tactics, but the average person will also produce “they are really pitiful” feelings.

 Sales Psychology: Salesmen can use this method to sell successfully.

This marketing method is ingenious. The land uses people’s psychological lending feelings. Even if you don’t plan to buy something, as long as you come to him to sell it more than once, he will feel that it adds a lot of trouble to you and creates a psychological burden. He would think that “if I spend time with me to sell to other people, I might sell it soon, I really am sorry for him.” This kind of psychology will always bother him. Especially for the Japanese, this kind of feeling is particularly sensitive. They always look for opportunities to return each other, so he begins to test the balance of the interpersonal relationship between the two sides. In other words, if you want to get a big concession from the other side, you can continue to add some small psychological burden to the other party.

When journalists go out for interviews, they have taken the form of night attack and morning interception, both in the past and in the present. When tracking some things, they will grab the night when they return home after work or go to work after the morning after getting up in the morning. They not only desperately chase each other, but also work while everyone is resting, which adds a heavier burden to the other party.

 Sales Psychology: Salesmen can use this method to sell successfully

whether it is salesman or news Journalists must spend a lot of time and energy to do their own work and communicate their passion to each other. If you apply their spirit to your daily work, many things will go smoothly. For example, when the other party makes a request, even on Sunday, you have to be well-dressed to the other side. In this way, the other person in casual wear will feel a sense of guilt. In addition, when doing important traffic, you have to wait a lot earlier than the agreed time.