Saffron Vanilla Snickerdoodles – 101 cookbooks

Vanilla Snickerdoodles Vanilla for sale at Blue Bottle Coffee is a favorite mine. I love sitting in the sun on the beautiful slate stone slabs opposite the Blue Bottle Coffee Pavilion in Hayes Valley, San Francisco with a macchiato a snickerdoodle to share. This first location Blue Coffee Coffee is just a short walk from my home in an alley. A not-so-secret place, just off the main strip – a source of great coffee and cookies!

Snickerdoodle dough on baking sheet with ice cream soup as dough scooper

I also like having lazy mornings under the high ceilings, illuminating through the huge windows, in their Mint Plaza cafe. The reason on the road was that Blue Coffee Coffee was the book. And every time I visit the cafe I find myself saying the same nine words, usually with my mouth full, "I really hope this recipe is in the book".

Blue Saffron Shirt Vanilla Snickerdoodles

Aside from their coffee, which I am very happy to have for a line, I have a list of favorites from their beautiful and inspirational menu. My hope was that everything would be in the book: these Vanilla Sapphire Snickerdoodles, marinated fennel fennel salad, sesame gland cigars, and Catalan steak eggs. Check, check, check and check! Each of them is in the book.

Blue Saffron Vanilla Snickerdoodle Biscuit Cookie Recipe

The Best Snickerdoodles

The book will be released on October 9th (I originally published it in 2012), but I have lost Ten Speed ​​to get me an original copy for months. Partly because I wanted to tap into my know-how in coffee, but (unsurprisingly) I was very excited about the recipes – the Saffron Vanilla Snickerdoodle cookies first came out. Unlike traditional snickerdoodles in the best way. Caitlin describes them as having "an unusual taste of butter from the combination of saffron, brown sugar and vanilla." If you love snickerdoodles, try them!

Snickerdoodle pastry on a baking sheet

A turn to the classic

This recipe delivers a version that is a dead ring of the Blue Bottle version. The same as I would buy in the stand – buckle in the middle, saffron kiss, a delicate golden crust that vents into a central shell. Undoubtedly the best snickerdoodle cookies I have ever had. I made a double batch for a family trip to Lake Tahoe – baking half the car there, freezing the remaining pre-rolled dough for baking in the cabin. Everyone loved them.

Blue Saffron Shirt Vanilla Snickerdoodles

I hope you like these like me, make a double batch and freeze half of the pre-scoop for slow baking. And be sure to measure the saffron carefully – it's easy to go too light / heavy. Other favorite cookies on file include these Puddle Chocolate Biscuits, toasted Sables almonds, the Cookie Skillet Chip Chocolate, or you can click on all the previous cookie recipes. xo -h


Some of you have played a little with the recipe. Here are some notes from the comments!

Dorothy noted: "These are amazing! I can't make gluten so I made them with all-purpose flour GF + Xantham gum." I live abroad and on a rainy day, as today, the comforting smell of them in my oven reminds me of home.

Emily couldn't resist a coating of cinnamon sugar, "I really liked the texture of them, with a lot of emptiness that is something you don't get from a snickerdoodle often. Just above the geotean pistachio. Very refined taste but with a well-known cookie texture. "

Katrina weighs results using wholemeal flour. "I used 1/2 of the salt we requested, which was plenty for my taste. I also used wholemeal flour, which worked fine, but regular whites would be better.