Running in a New Year

Until here in Calgary the weather was nice though only a bit cold in the last few weeks. I was on vacation so it was not really in the gym to get exercise and instead they were trying to get workouts and cardio doing out. I'm sure I'll kick myself for not to push harder in a few weeks, but the change of pace was nice.

Now that we are in the New Year, the resolutions of the new years will begin today. The gyms will be busy with many people who enroll, talking at work will be about healthy eating and exercise and the will that things have changed for the good, but come in late January most speakers will have been silenced as the enthusiasm health, exercise, muscle pain and loss will have disappeared and forgotten.

The next few weeks will be extremely important to you and the basis for me to continue after things have lost their enthusiasm is not to lose enthusiasm in the first place. Do the following and see if it changes your life for the better.

Running in a New Year

Drink plenty of water every day and watch yourself lose a few pounds next week.

Try working in the morning and evening. Two exercises a day will make you busy, make you feel great and give you unlimited energy that you have not felt since you were a child.

Watch or read some biographies for people who have made great changes in their lives and thrive on it, this will make you realize that although all around you can decide the pain is not worthwhile that you can make those changes for yourself.

When exercising, make sure you do not overdo it. The biggest reason why people stop working out with weightsis that they are actually getting sore from our workouts and our minds are not a big fan of pain going beyond pain. Take the easy, but with constant work with weights and you will get stronger and turn your body into a fat burning machine.

When you do Cardio workouts make sure you do a few different things and please avoid anything to do with running in the first few weeks. Running is very hard on your joints and although it's a fantastic exercise it's really easy to overtake running and have knee, ankle, quads and calf pain for a few days. This type of pain will also kill the motives and will not help you to continue your new lifestyle.

Eat delicious and eat often. Eat 5 or 6 small meals a day to start your metabolism. This can make so much difference in your attitude and energy, anything else. And make sure you get some extra protein and help to cure these sore muscles.