Rowing Machines

Rowing MachinesI wrote a post last week about buying used exercise equipment because at this time of year it is much easier to work out of exercise equipment then it is at any other time of the year and save money on the startup. Anyway in all the equipment I mentioned I never mentioned the best part of the cardio exercise equipment and this is the rowing machine.

Rowing machines are a bit more complicated and a little more difficult to use than a typical stepping machine, exercise bike or treadmill. A rowing machine is a much better piece of equipment if you are looking for a new piece of equipment because it does much more for your body. With a bicycle you work your legs for the most part and your abdomen a little and with a treadmill is just one workout foot for the most part, but with a rowing machine you work much more body parts.

Rowing machines work almost all major muscle groups with work done by quadrupeds, hamstrings, backs, biceps and abs. There is no better exercise for the whole body than a rowing machine other than swimming.

The great thing I really like about rowing machines is the rythym. You start by collapsing and bursting out. Uou will push your legs, extend your back and at the same time speed up the handle by pulling it on your chest. The rowing machine is like a massive twist that you have to do at work.

Finally, most rowing machines have hardly any room. A good quality rowing machine is very flat and can fit under a bed or onto a wall and for this reason it is much easier to contain a rowing machine in an apartment or small house then it is to have a treadmill or a gym gymnastics.