Rosewood Cookies

These are butter, whole wheat biscuits, rose-scented, and toasted peelings and dried rose petals. They have a crisp dusting of sugar on top that provides a satisfying, sweet tongue scratch, and are spotted with black sesame. I'm not going to lie – it took a few tries to pin them. As many of you know – dealing with herbal flavors can be a little difficult. But now, as it was written, it's so nice.Rosewater cookies cookies recipe

Rosewater cookies cookies recipe

Shortbread Cookie: Inspiration

These little guys came when I was commissioned to bring a dessert to a friend's house. She was cooking a spectacular Ottolenghi inspired party and I thought that would be a beautiful finish. With rose petals and everything. Over the years since dinner I have become part of my regular repertoire, and often do so for special occasions and holidays. I mean, they are so beautiful and delicious!
Rosewater cookies cookies recipe

Baking with flowers

The trick to cooking or baking with florals is to calculate how much is too much, and how little is too little. For example, with this shortbread recipe, the first two attempts I only used dried rose petals and a good amount. But the flavor was pushed around a bit, frightened and neutralized by the brown butter.

Second attempt; I gave the rose a push, placing the petals in the dough with a rose dip. The dough immediately became more aromatic, balanced, and helped to nail everything I intended (and hopefully did) right from the start. I recommend that you use some caution when baking with rose water, as each bottle seems to vary in strength, quality and aroma. For reference, I'll mention that I used Nielsen-Massey Rose Water. If you're not sure about the quality or durability of your pink water, start with half and try the dough. You can always adjust with more from there. Trust your senses :)!
Rosewater cookies cookies recipe

These little pretzel buns are perfect along with other bite-sized treats in a post-dinner pastry dish. I like to break a good chocolate bar, include some salted candies, maybe some dates, etc. Or you could make a sampler with biscuits alone, with a series of tiny biscuits. There are many favorite cookie recipes to explore or bake larger cookies and cut into quarters so people can try.