Ronnie Cullman shares his training and eating experience

Ronnie Coulman shares his training and diet Experience

Ronnie Cullman shares his training and eating experience. I have done this one day. After getting up in the morning, I will do an hour of aerobic exercise and then have breakfast. I walk about an hour on a treadmill every day, not running fast, or walking at three mph, especially slow, but even this will work. I went to the gym after breakfast. I got up at about 10 in the morning. From 10:00 to 11:00, I did an aerobic exercise for an hour and then went downstairs. I have a treadmill in my house. When I go downstairs, I go straight to the gym after breakfast. I go to the gym at noon, exercise for one and a half hours, and leave at one and a half. Go home, have something to eat, rush to cool and go to work at three o’clock. For the past fifteen years, I have repeated the same schedule every day. I started this way from Mr. Olympics. If you are fully committed to doing something and working hard for it, you will succeed.

Ronnie Coulman shares his training and Diet experience

Ronnie Cullman shares his training and eating experience. My current diet is very regular, believe it or not, I don’t like to eat vegetables, I don’t want to tell other people, I eat oatmeal every morning for breakfast. Usually, I drink high-protein drinks every day, and after breakfast is the first cup. The second meal after I left the gym was chicken and rice, my own chicken, I baked with half a cup of rice and chicken, then I went to work. We have two fifteen minutes and a thirty-minute break. When I have a rest, I will cook it before I eat. I just eat it. When I was working, I ate two meals and put the food directly in the car. My colleague also took a video of me, which is the video I just sat in the car after work. After work, I still have to eat a meal after I go home, and exercise again. My exercise is just doing aerobic exercise, not lifting weights. I ran on the treadmill for an hour. After I finished running, I took a shower, watched the news or sent an email. Then I drank some protein drinks and went straight to sleep. Then start a new day and start again.

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