Roasted pumpkin pie and bread salad

The only pumpkin recipes that have my attention right now require pounds from this. Half a cup here, or a medium zucchini there just isn't going to cut into the supply coming out of the garden. Obviously many of you feel the same way, because many of you made the Smashed Zucchini Cream Pasta published last week (so good! It also uses 2kg). Today's recipe is a panzanella of sorts, a simple bread salad made with broken pieces of toasted multi-grain bread, grilled zucchini, chickpeas and a simple garlic dish and front curl. Like pasta, it will also put a 2 pound toss in your zucchini shipment.

Roasted pumpkin pie and bread salad

The recipe

You can bake the bread and pull the dress together ahead of time if you like. Other than that, when you see an opening on the grill, get in there. Baking in zucchini takes about ten minutes. This is a great side to anything else you may have coming up from the grill, but I also like it as a light master for summer nights.
Roasted pumpkin pie and bread salad


Choosing Zucchini: This is a great way to use larger zucchini. Cut zucchini with a larger diameter are easier to cook if you do not use a grill basket.

Thickness: You want to get the thickness of your zucchini here. In the recipe, you will notice that I have sliced ​​the 1/4-inch thick zucchini. The main thing is this – I would rather sneak into the thicker and thinner side when cutting here. This way your squash will maintain some structure. It is a little high on the grill, and if it cuts a very thin piece, the slices are more likely to tear or break. If your slices are right in the 1/4-inch money, you should be all right.

Bread: I like good quality colorful bread here. Cut bread slices large enough to make the edges crisp, but the inside remains a little warm when toasted.

Roasted pumpkin pie and bread salad


– With Crispy Fried Shallots: I wanted to keep this recipe as simple as possible for the summer as straight as possible, so I didn't call for aggressive attacks. That said, crispy fried shrimp, to finish things off, would be a bonus here. If I had any of my hands, I wouldn't say I would use them. I use them in this Colorado salad, and the recipe is included there.

– Detonator! To let everyone enjoy the warmth they like, serve with a small jar of sesame seeds the table. Spray with taste.

– Cheese: Not for the vegans in the crowd, but a piece of fresh slice or cottija cheese is a nice touch here.