“Reversing” diabetes, I dare to think, what about you?

With diabetes, it becomes a medicine jar. Blood sugar is getting higher and higher, medicine is getting more and more, and ultimately it is difficult to escape the fate of insulin. The desperation of “not seeing the head at a glance” has become a permanent pain in the hearts of diabetic patients.

Does diabetes not be like a cold, is there a time to recover?

Of course!

“Reversing” diabetes, it is no longer a dream!

What is “diabetes reversal “ ?

In medicine, “diabetes reversal”, or “diabetes complete remission”, is defined as more than one year of glycated hemoglobin (HbA1C) ≤ 6.5%, and does not use any hypoglycemic agents for at least 2 consecutive months. . This requirement is very strict, not only stipulates the goal of hypoglycemic, but also needs to reach the goal for at least one year.

Speaking with facts, diabetes can really be reversed

A study in the UK called “Diabetes Relief Clinical Trials” caused an uproar .

Approximately 300 patients with type 2 diabetes were enrolled in the study and were divided into “standard diabetes treatment” group and “weight management plan” group .

The “Standard Diabetes Treatment” group is treated by a doctor for normal diabetes. In addition to normal diabetes treatment, the “Body Management” program strictly requires patients from the diet, and develops new, low-calorie, and nutritious recipes for patients, strictly following the 3 to 5 months and entering the maintenance phase; The patient’s daily exercise expenditure is required.

The end result was found, “ The weight of the forced management “ group showed a significant decrease in body weight, average weight loss 10kg, of which 46% patients achieved diabetes remission; Strong> patients the average weight reduction of 1kg, only 4% patients achieved diabetes remission.

The researchers also found that the more weight loss, the more patients who achieve diabetes relief. In the population with a weight loss of 15 kg, the remission rate reached 86%; in the population with a weight loss of 10-15 kg, more than half (57%) achieved a reversal of diabetes.

Why can diabetes be reversed?

Type 2 diabetic patients who underwent weight loss surgery, with rapid weight loss, many patients can achieve diabetes relief. Therefore, the medical community believes that diabetes relief is inseparable from weight/body fat, especially visceral fat.

The pancreas and liver are important organs for lowering blood sugar. The fat inside of the fat body is wrapped in thick fat, just like the legs are in a quagmire, unable to move heavy steps; lowering weight is like removing the internal organs. With the weight, the internal organs are restored to lightness and the operation is faster and smoother.

Seeing this, this must be your biggest concern: “Can I be reversed?” ?

The researchers found that not all diabetic patients can be “reversed with diabetes.”

First, due to the onset of the disease, “diabetes reversal” is only for 2 Type 2 Diabetes.

Second, in the previously described study, patients were 20-65 years old, and type 2 diabetes was less than 6 years old, and none of them were insulin-enabled. That is, The earlier the course of diabetes, the higher the likelihood that it can be reversed.

Third, the study also found The stricter the doctor’s advice, the faster the weight loss, the faster the blood sugar will fall. This includes adhering to physical exercise, eating according to recipes, taking medication on time, etc.

Interesting point is, “Standard The doctors of “diabetes treatment” are ordinary general practitioners, and the communication between doctors and patients is limited to communication during the visit. The patients with “weight management” are more like joining a “community”. Promote exercise, test blood sugar, and encourage each other. In this atmosphere, patients are more likely to persist and succeed.

How are you, are you more confident?

author: jade flawless, Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine, Dr. endocrine