Reinforce the weight loss, anti-aging!

Last weight loss, anti-aging!

As the saying goes, “The rib is one inch long and the life is ten years.”

From birth, you can easily reach your toes. It is very difficult to bend your legs when you are older. The aging of “gluten” is an important symbol of aging and the main cause of aging. one of the reasons. So why are we constantly aging?

Don’t write a case in the unit during the day, make a report, go home after a chat, play games, watch a US drama… The long-term motionless posture makes the muscles of many young and middle-aged people nervous for a long time. The ligaments and bones also age.

, anti-aging!

Many people are 30 years old and 60 years old. The “ribs” of the body have begun to age prematurely. When the tendons are old, there is a “stretching”, that is, the tendons become shorter, which leads to people’s limited mobility. In the crowds of office workers, students, etc. who work for a long time, the phenomenon of tendon is very common.

We can first self-check through the following items

  • Neck pain Waist and straight pain;

  • It is difficult to bend over and even bend down, back pain;

  • leg pain and paralysis , can’t kneel down;

  • long and short legs (long and short legs), radioactive traction pain in the heel;

  • The pace is not very big, walking tightly;

  • The feeling of the hip joint’s ligaments tightening;

  • The thigh can’t lift Or can’t be horizontal, the body is not flexible;

  • The muscles contract or shrink, the hand can’t stretch and flex normally;

  • hand, Feet, elbows, and knees are not moving well.

These symptoms often appear, affecting normal activities, which means that the corresponding parts of the body may have been showing signs of contraction.

Lashing weight loss, anti-aging!

What are the benefits of lacing in addition to making the body soft?

1. Strong body

The leg runs six human meridians, liver, gallbladder, spleen, kidney, bladder and stomach. The role of the lacing is to remove the garbage from these meridians, thus playing a role in strengthening the body. As the saying goes, “People are old and old”, insist on “drawing three classics”, the legs and meridians are smooth, and the blood and blood are running, so that you can stay young and feel the lightness of the body every day.

2, anti-lumbar and leg pain

The lacing makes the ribs softer, and the dislocation on the spine is reset, so the bones are soft and qi Blood self-flow, the pain, numbness, swelling and other symptoms in the waist and knees, limbs and all parts of the body are thus eliminated and slowed down.

3. Strengthening renal function

The lacing can open the Du Meridian and the bladder of the back, which is of great significance to health, because the Du Meridian is Yangzhihui, the channel of vitality, this pulse is the strengthening of kidney function, and the kidney is the innate nature, the source of essence, the energy of human beings and the strong sexual ability rely on the strong kidney function.

, anti-aging!

4, Diagnose the disease

The lacing is both a treatment and a diagnosis. For example, when the knee is painful and not straight, there will be atrophy; for example, the ankle, armpit (knee reverse) pain indicates that the bladder is blocked, the waist is problematic; the arm raised after lying down cannot be attached to the stool. , it indicates that there is shoulder inflammation.

5. Improve body metabolism

Body stretching will increase the effect of basal metabolism, so everyone who loses weight must definitely develop their daily life. Habits in the middle! And stretching will help lymphatic flow, so it can effectively eliminate foot edema and make the lines more beautiful and beautiful.

, anti-aging!

Of course, lacing, also pay attention to principles and safety

  • warm up

Before warming up, you must warm up before using it. For example, use small running to increase your body temperature, improve the effectiveness of the lacing, and reduce the chance of injury.

  • Action is slow

Lapped The action should be slow and gentle, so don’t press or press it, or someone else can apply external force to help. As long as you use it improperly, it will cause harm.

, anti-aging!

  • Be careful about “degrees”

The degree of lacing is to feel a little “tension” or “acid”, but generally not to the extent of “pain”. Pulling the tendon to “pain”, the degree of injury is very close.

  • Best at night

Sleep every night Previously, it was a good time to pull the ligament. Warming up (jogging) before the flexibility stretched to increase the body temperature, which helped to increase the stretching range.

Yoga is the best exercise for “lacing”

To share a few simple yoga stretching methods, everyone can get started and let the ribs “long”:

Lashing weight loss, anti-aging!

, anti-aging!

Last weight loss, anti-aging!


lacing Lose weight, anti-aging!

Lip to lose weight, anti-aging!

Some stretching exercises for women can also be combined in their usual practice:

, anti-aging!

Appropriate “lacing” exercise, right It is necessary to prevent body aging and promote flexibility in joints and muscle ligaments.

There is a reminder that

“Large” can not be rushed to avoid damage to the tendon. Especially for the elderly and those who lack long-term exercise, the range of action should not be too large at the beginning, and the force should not be too strong. Don’t let others apply external force to help. Feel tension or acid, and don’t have pain. Before you practice, it’s best to warm up first, such as jogging for 5~10 minutes, mobilizing your body’s blood circulation and muscles to reduce injuries.

Every day Take a few minutes to pull a pull

weight loss and anti-aging!

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