Reasons why you should not use Fad diets

People fail to lose not because they are lazy but because they follow dietary habits. If you follow or want to follow your eating habits, do not expect to lose and become thin. In this article I will tell you three reasons why you should not use food fads.

If the mania diets were really so good, why not everyone lose their help? Weight loss can not be achieved simply by diet. there are many things to consider here. If you are serious about losing, you need to change your lifestyle habits: you have to change your unhealthy eating habits, you have to stop sitting on the couch and keep your body active at all times.

Can a mania diet force you to do all these things? No. That is why, even if you lose a few pounds initially with these diets, you will be regained by everyone once you return to the habits of your unhealthy lifestyles. So if you really want to lose fast, do not follow any mania diet; rather, be prepared to change your lifestyle habits.

Most of the time, eating fads put you in such a tight food restriction that you are essentially hungry most of the time. Two things can happen here. Either because of extreme hunger, you will eat a lot of rubbish and you will gain pound loads in the process, whether you are one of the "self-discipline" types, then you will try hard to bear with your hunger, in which case your body will take over .

When your body receives inadequate food supply, it will assume you are going to kill it. In such a case, your body will move to a "starvation" state, where it would bend depressive deposits instead of burning them. Of course, you

You have a third reason for non-diet. Why, in the meantime, will you starve when you can go and lose? Believe it or not, if you eat healthy foods and stay away from high-calorie trash, you will automatically start losing weight. Plus your body would love the fact that it takes more nutrition than before your meals.

Make sure you include foods such as natural fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, apples, legumes, soy, lean chicken, etc. in your diet. Also do not forget to drink green tea regularly. These are special loss foods that will not only keep you full, but will help you burn fat and lose weight.

I do not know about you, but if it offers me the choice to choose between starvation and loss of food, I would choose the latter.

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