RDs! We recruit! You are looking to fill a permanent and possibly part-time part-time job

We have to copy our work below but the tl, dr version is that we both grow (the digital distance tool is deeply developed and should be ready for beta testing to arrive late in the evening or early summer) and one of our wonderful RDs to start maternity leave. Therefore, we are looking for some excellent RDs!

The previous candidates are welcome. In fact, many of the RDs we have hired over the years have been implemented many times.

Here is the posting. Send a CV and a letter of interest to [email protected]

The Bariatric Medical Institute (BMI) in Ottawa, a cross-professional weight management office that includes physicians, personal trainers, registered dietitians, social worker, clinical psychologist and treatment dog, seeks a permanent dietician to join our professional and unique team.

We are looking for a person who loves to work with people and technology, is excellent in multiple tasks, is a team player, develops from challenges and responsibility and wants to use his / her abilities to make a dramatic positive difference in life of the people .

Responsibilities will include:

  • Working with members of the interprofessional group.
  • One-in-one counseling sessions to motivate and help patients to live the most healthy can.
  • One-in-one meetings with parents of children struggling with weight to help them navigate in a healthy eating environment.
  • One-in-one counseling sessions to help prepare patients for bariatric surgery as well as after surgical sessions to help patients to ensure they will succeed.
  • Design customized diet programs based on their unique lifestyle, metabolic rates and nutritional preferences and dislikes.
  • Write about the various social media BMI: Website, blog, vlog and monthly newsletter.

The skills you will need:

  • Extremely powerful counseling skills to motivate.
  • He must have excellent listening skills, sensitized and sensitive to the patient's needs. We never use negative help in counseling.
  • It is able to adapt nutrition advice to recent scientific research with careful critical assessment.
  • It must be innovative and provide patients with realistic and useful nutrition advice.
  • Positive and non-restrictive approach to weight management.
  • Comfortable presentations.
  • He has good professional judgment, initiative and excitement.
  • Good time management skills and organizational ability.
  • Excellent IT skills and comfort with social media
  • Strong cooking skills.

The requirements we look for:

  • Minimum clinical experience of one year
  • Registered Dietitian
  • Member of the Ontario Dietician College and in good standing (or willingness and ability to participate).
  • Clinical coaches are preferred, though not required.
  • Previous experience dealing with weight management and child obesity is an advantage.
  • In cooperation with us you will have access to a full gym as well as showers and changing rooms. Physical activity and healthy living are the main concern of our work and therefore we see your active lifestyle as a great asset.

Because we are looking for the best candidate, our wages are particularly competitive with those in the community and after the trial period of 3 months, the medical and dental benefits are part of our package.

We look forward to hearing from and meeting with you.