Rainbow Chard & Feta Cheese Börek – Green kitchen stories

There is a small cornerhouse near where we live selling beautiful seasonal vegetables, the
fresh mint bunches and large bags of spices with dried cumin seeds, fennel, zatari and coriander. They also sell (very affordable) vegetarian boxes of Middle Eastern and Eastern European food that they cook at the store. They have appetizers, dalma, stuffed rice peppers, lentil balls and pumpkins. And on the left of the treasury, they also have a long cigar-shaped hand-pie with handwritten plates above what Borek says. They make new lots sometimes every day, so if you're lucky you can get them hot out of the oven. Crispy outside with burnt edges and gooey, cheesy and stuffed with chard in the center. These Börek's are famous all over the neighborhood and although the price has doubled in the last five years, it still feels like a deal to get some pies for us and the kids as snacks (or dinner if you buy some). It's basically the only time our kids eat chard with a smile.

We've experimented with making Börek at home that tastes similar to the cornershop version, and now we finally feel we've nailed it. We use Yufka dough, which is similar to leafy dough but a little thicker, so if you use a plant you can use double or triple layers.

As a not-so-small bonus, we also got an easy hack on how to make gluten-free Börek! The secret is that you can replace the dough with rice paper, which you brush with an egg wash and bake in a similar way. The signature börek flavor is found on the yogurt, oil and egg dish and the rice paper is nicely carved when baked.

We recorded this video below with some warm up photos of Börek to further enhance the process. Check out our YouTube channel for more videos. Enjoy!