Practical tips for life! How to look at food nutrition labels to pick food?

With the development of the food industry, pre-packaged foods such as quick-frozen foods, instant foods, beverages, and snack foods have entered everyone’s life. Walking into the supermarket, the dazzling array of foods makes us dazzled. Many people choose foods according to their preferences, habits or advertisements, and rarely pay attention to nutrition labels.

What is the food nutrition label? How to read the nutrition list? How to choose the food that suits you according to the food nutrition label? What is the significance of nutrition labels?

Medical chatter invited Li Yuling, the attending physician of the Nutrition Department of the Second Xiangya Hospital of Central South University to interpret the above questions.

Life Practical Tips! How to See Food nutrition label selection food?

1. What is a food nutrition label?

In layman’s terms, when you buy a packaged food, all the information that appears on the package is called the label, including the manufacturer, date of manufacture, shelf life, ingredient list, etc. .

Food nutrition labels are included in the label to provide consumers with information on the nutritional content and characteristics of the food, including nutrient list, nutritional claims and nutrition Feature claim three parts.

There is a table on the side or back of the label that tells you how much energy, protein, fat and carbohydrates are given per 100 grams or more of this food, called the Nutrition Table, this is part of the nutrition label; in addition to the nutrient composition table, some food packaging has such as “high calcium milk powder”, or “low fat”, “no fat”, “low sodium”, “low cholesterol” “The words, such words are also part of the nutrition label, called Nutrition claims; the third part is called the functional claims of nutrients, for example, “Calcium helps Bone and teeth are healthier.” There may be only one item on the nutrition list on the packaging of many foods.

Life Practical Tips! How to see food nutrition label selection Food?

Second, how to read the nutrient composition table?

The nutrient ingredient list is an essential part of the nutrition label, including protein, fat, carbohydrate, sodium, four core nutrients and energy, and the percentage of nutrient reference supply. If the food contains trans fatty acids, it must also be marked. The above six indicators are mandatory requirements in the National General Rules for Nutrition Labelling of Prepackaged Foods. In addition, other nutrients can be labeled in the nutrient composition table.

The amount of energy, protein, fat, carbohydrates, and sodium provided by the food per 100 grams or portion (××g) indicated in the nutrient composition table. This is easy to understand, and the table of nutrients is easy to understand. In the last column of NRV%, there may be quite a few people who don’t understand its meaning.

NRV% tells consumers the ratio of a nutrient or energy per 100 grams or serving (××g) to the daily demand, such as a food package labeled The 100 grams of protein provided by this food is 6.7 grams, and the NRV% is 11%. Then the protein that can be given to this person by eating 100 grams of this food is 11% of his daily intake.

The reference intake data should be derived from the “Chinese Dietary Nutrient Reference Intake” recommended by the Chinese Nutrition Society. In addition to infant food, the reference intake of nutrients in prepackaged foods is based on the daily intake of adults with light physical activity.

Life Practical Tips! How to see food nutrition label selection Food?

How to choose food based on food nutrition label?

1. When buying different types of food, pay attention to different nutrients, and focus on it. For example, if you buy milk, you should look at the nutrition label. If the protein is two o’clock, it must be milk or milk, or yoghurt. If the protein is only a few tenths or 1.0, it is a milky beverage or milk beverage. , not milk; when buying confectionery, look at total energy or total fat, trans fatty acid and sodium. Buying meat or buying cooked meat products requires attention to fat and sodium.

2. According to the physical condition of the consumer or the target of the consumer, such as hypertensive patients, special attention should be paid to the sodium content. If the sodium content of the purchased food is 2300 mg per 100 g, eat 100 g. This kind of food reaches 6 grams of salt per day recommended for a balanced diet. This food is not suitable for patients with hypertension, and people who lose weight need to pay attention to energy values ​​and so on.

Life Practical Tips! How to see food nutrition label selection Food?

Four, what is the role of nutrition labeling?

Marking food nutrition information is conducive to popularizing and promoting nutrition knowledge to consumers, helping consumers to understand the nutritional characteristics of different foods, thereby making informed choices and promoting balanced diets, thereby reducing chronic diseases in China. Incidence.

In short, the nutrition label is like a compass that guides us to find the right food in the dazzling food forest!

Expert: Li Yuling, Attending Physician, Department of Nutrition, Second Xiangya Hospital, Central South University

Medical chatter: Former China News Agency reporter, Reported medical health for N years.

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