Postcards from the future. [Inspiring photos]

High-precision customers are usually beginning to hope for a better body. They walk away with much more, including amazing mental changes that lead to happier and richer lives. Today we have 14 of their cards from the future, presenting what can happen with the right kind of support.


Most of the people who are registered for Precision Nutrition Coaching are after a strong, healthy, beautiful body that makes them proud and keeps them feeling well for decades.

After 12 months – and, believe me, very hard work – that's what most people achieve. (For more information about their physical changes, see the Women's and Women's Fame).

However, despite the stunning photos before and after, despite the fantastic weight loss, despite the gains of power, there is one thing that really makes them light up.

They have become competent, self-confident and free.

This is worth thinking about.

You see, Precision Nutrition Coaching is both research and staffing. This means we use the latest scientific findings to help people train through the unique challenges of their lives. whether physical or emotional.

It's part physiology. Part psychology. Part of science. Part of art.

And it usually leads to fantastic physical changes: Our customers lose weight, gain power, dispel drugs, throw terrible medical diagnoses and more.

For most customers, these changes are just the tip of the iceberg. Because their improved bodies have become vehicles to achieve inspirational things.

Indeed, they have become ready, willing and able to cope with the challenges they had previously frightened, even incompetent.

About postcards from the practice of the future.

We often ask customers to see where they will be in the future. What will be their new bodies? What they will feel. What they can do.

But we take it one step further. We ask them to write "Consular destination cards": Personal notes from them future ones in theirs today's self to inspire, motivate and encourage.

Somehow like:

"Hello, the weather is great here, you will not believe it, but Dr. Smith, for the first time in years, has given us a clean health bill, plus take it, we just ran a 5K, do you think?"

Then, at the end of the program, we ask customers to make it real. To share photos and stories about what it is now can finish after working with us.

The remarks are always incredible. And today I will share a few.

These clients started obese or overweight, injured or injured or indifferent or feeling impotent or imprisoned by all of the above.

Now, mountains climb, ride on the top of the world and flap railings that stopped them earlier. The most important thing is that they are full of hope and we look forward to the adventurous, active years ahead of them.

(Make sure you check both the front and back, which describes success by clicking on each postcard.)

Do you want some help to become your healthiest, strongest, strongest version?

Most people I know that regular movement, eating, sleeping and stress management are important for appearance and better sensation. However, they need help applying this knowledge in their busy, sometimes stressful lives.

That's why we work closely with our Nutrition Coaching training clients to help them lose fat, strengthen, and to improve their health… regardless of the challenges they face.

It is also the reason why we work with health and fitness professionals (through Level 1 and Level 2 Certification Programs) to teach them how to coach their own customers through the same challenges.

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If you are ready to change your body and your life, with the help of the best coaches in the world, this is your chance.

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