Popovich finally met Leonard today!

wave Powich finally met Leonard today!

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Popovich finally met Leonard

According to the famous NBA reporters Wojnarowski and Ramona Shelburne jointly reported that Spurs coach Popovich will fly to Southern California and plan to meet Leonard before the start of the draft this Friday.

 Popovich finally met Leonard today!

Yahoo NBA correspondent Shams Charania reports Today Popovich and Leonard met in San Diego. Chris Haynes reported that Leonard did not meet Popovich alone.

 Popovich finally met Leonard today!


Woj: Leonard reminds other teams that they will eventually sign up for the Los Angeles team

Reported by NBA correspondents Adrian Wojnarowski and Ramona Shelburne According to Alliance sources, Spurs coach Greg Popovich has been trying to arrange a meeting with Leonard for several weeks, trying to resolve the broken relationship between the two sides.

 Popovich finally met Leonard today!

Leaders revealed that Renner De wants to be traded to Los Angeles, preferring the Lakers rather than the Clippers. Alliance sources revealed that he has privately stated that he no longer wants to play in San Antonio and will remind those who want to trade him to think clearly. After he resumed his free agent status in 2019, he is planning to Signed with the Los Angeles team – preferring the Lakers.


Buckley: Leonard shouldn’t take the excuse of being misdiagnosed by the team doctor.>

Barkley commented on the pursuit of a deal by Kawhi Leonard yesterday.

Before reports that Leonard took the initiative to apply for a deal, Leonard was frustrated with the team’s approach to dealing with his injury and thought that when he sought a second opinion, the team was Reprimand him, and the mistrust between the two sides can not be repaired.

“We don’t know if this is true, I am not demeaning – they all have their own sources. If he wants to leave, he can say directly, ‘Hey, I am fed up. The days of the Spurs. ‘Don’t use the team doctor as an excuse,” Barkley said.

 Popovich finally met Leonard today!

“I think taking the team doctor The excuse is cowardly. He is very frustrated by the misdiagnosis of the Spurs. Do you think the Spurs really want to make mistakes in the world’s second/third best players? They may have made a mistake, but think the Spurs did this in order to do so. It’s ridiculous to ignore his point of view, directly saying that you want a bigger market, more money to compete with the Warriors,” Barkley said.

 Popovich finally met Leonard today!

“Look at a small Spurs What has the ball market done in the past 20 years, David Robinson is their best player when they win their team’s history, and then they won several championships with Tim Duncan as the core. After that, their core became Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili, followed by Kawhi Leonard,” Barkley said.

“They won multiple championships with different styles. From big lineup to small lineup, almost 50 wins per season. I am disappointed that Leonard wants to leave. The best organization in the NBA,” Barkley said.


Megai: Lone Ranger will pursue Smart with a reasonable price

As a restricted free agent, Smart can sign with any team, and his old club Celtics have the right to decide whether to match the offer of other teams.

 Popovich finally met Leonard today!

Smat last season’s regular season During the period, he averaged 10.2 points, 3.5 rebounds and 4.8 assists.

Smart previously said in an interview that he should get a contract with an annual salary of $12 million to $14 million.


Broker: Ginobili has not decided whether to continue the battle

Manu Ginobili’s agent Herb Rudoy said in an interview that Ginobili has not decided whether to continue the battle. “When Manu knows, I will know.” Rudoy joked.

 Popovich finally met Leonard today!

If Ginobili decides to continue The battle, then the new season will be his 17th season in the NBA.


Today 2 years ago: The Cavaliers reversal defeated the Warriors to win the first team history

On June 20, 2016, in the tie-breaking battle with the Warriors’ finals, the Cavaliers defeated their opponents 93-89 away, and completed a major reversal with a big score of 1-3, and won the first team history. NBA championship.

 Popovich finally met Leonard today!

The whole game, Cavaliers forward Brown-James 47 minutes, scored 27 points, 11 rebounds, 11 assists, 2 steals and 3 blocks in 9 of 24 shots. Kyrie Irving played 43 minutes and scored 26 points and 6 rebounds in 10 of 23 shots. The last fatal three-pointer wins!

The 2015-16 season, after defeating the Pistons, Hawks and Raptors, the Cavaliers completed a major reversal in the 1-3 behind the finals, and finally won the team history with a 4-3 victory over the Warriors. The first NBA championship trophy.


361 has provided Tucker with a multi-million dollar sneaker contract

Rocket forward PJ-Tucker is the undisputed NBA shoe king. According to Complex reporter Matthew Welty, Tucker said in an interview that the past This season, he spent $200,000 on his shoes.

 Popovich finally met Leonard today!

In addition, Tucker also said that A Chinese shoe brand has offered him a sneaker contract. According to skating journalist Nick DePaula, the sneaker brand is 361 degrees, and they have given Tucker a multi-million dollar sneaker contract.

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