Please stop judging shopping carts and other people's fast food orders

Have you ever wondered if you are biased against obesity?

Have you ever reached the tail behind someone with obesity in the supermarket and judge them based on the data they were pulling from their cart? Or behind someone with obesity in a fast food place and judged on the basis of their order?

Now ask yourself if you have or will judge similarly a minute person pulling the same items or making the same order.

And it is worth noting that there is no good answer here.

If you answered, no, you would not have judged a thin person in a similar way, reflecting weight bias.

And if you answered, yes, you will judge them in the same way, which reflects to you who judge people based on things that are not your own business.

Everyone's life is complicated, and food is playing roles far beyond fuel and serves as comfort, as a celebration, is one of the most important pleasures of life and one can not judge someone else based on his choices there.

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