Perfect Little Kale Quinoa Bites

These little bittered teaspoons that came with me in Tokyo. I joined eight of them in a structured container, put it in my bag and on the flight we went. I know some of you like to know what I have to eat on flights, and four hours from the SFO, I wanted to bring more. My pockets also traveled with cis (keeps constantly as my favorite winter citrus), a buttery, ripe avocado and a bar with black chocolate. The quinoa bites were almost perfect for travel, partly because you can do most preparation in front of time. See how.
Perfect Little Kale Quinoa Bites

One week before my flight I made a lot, I made them, I was going, and on the morning of my flight I was looking for eight – and you could have them fried if you do not want to heat the oven. The rest was the house I waited for my return. Perfect Little Kale Quinoa Bites


Part of the charm is the inherent flexibility of the quinoa bites. Feel free to play with the quinoa base. I went with the cherry, the edamame, the slice, because it was handy, delicious and had to be exhausted. But there are thousands of other combinations to explore. You could make chopped broccoli with goat cheese, baby beans and chopped asparagus with lemon as you enter the spring. Or, add a dynamic mix of spice or curry powder, chopped garbanzos, and green peas.Perfect Little Kale Quinoa BitesPerfect Little Kale Quinoa Bites

I had a very short trip. Not too long, not too small and marked. Pictures and updated map of Tokyo to come soon! We've found some special new items to share here and I hope they will not take much time to get there. xo -h