People, heart and heart


Between people

Trust is too difficult

People are very complicated

Always jealous, always be careful

You are too trustful, you will be played with the truth

You are too suspicious, and you will lose trust


Real society, people are indifferent

Trusting a person

I will hand over the truth

Speaking and speaking, a word and a word

There is a letter and sincerity

Trust a heart

Don’t doubt the past

Help each other, hello, I am good

You really, I am long, then

We don’t lack friends

only sincere and kind confidantes

Don’t let trust be lost

Don’t let heart be chilling

people and people, heart and heart

People and people, heart and

Mutual trust, will get closer and closer

Because of trust, will you care?

No intrigue, sinister

Know I know you, people will heat up

People will also accumulate

Because of trust, they will cherish

can withstand the ups and downs, the storms test

You help me, love and sincerely

See you really sincerely


Trust is hard and trust

Because trust is emotion Bridge

Trust as a knife, master the scale

Otherwise it will hurt the body without a skin

Trust as water, clear as a mirror

The sight of the people

trust, the easiest to lose

you can’t find it if you lose it

trust, it’s the hardest to recover

recovery I can’t live up to the original

, I don’t want to be long.

There is no trust, and love is not beautiful

With a little time, I will see people. Soul,

Untrusted people can’t believe

Leave some space to maintain true love

People trust, do not lie

can trust, do not perfunctory

be trusted, do not use