People, heart and heart


Be good at using people, no problem, don’t rush to kill and kill!

People are rich and not rich, know how to pay.

Whoever is behind the people, everyone behind them is said, if one day you find that I have a distance from you, it is definitely too fine for you, I am too stupid, not suitable for playing together.

Life is like business,

There is not necessarily a reward,

The current society is too realistic.

Being a person is too kind and will be deceived.

It’s good for people, it will be what it should be.

It’s too thick, it’s going to be a fool.

It’s too loyal and will be used.

Too many stories are farmers and snakes,

or Mr. Dong Guo and the wolf.

Between people,

often do not know who is the farmer, who is the snake.

Nothing to change privately, paying for damage.

Going out,

It doesn’t matter if someone gives you a hot face or a cold face,


The outside world,

respects the background, not the person itself.

Some things are powerless to say, don’t waste your tongue,

It’s just a smile, it’s just a smile;

Some emotions are helpless, why not give up ,

A little bit confused, happiness will be a little more.

The most important thing to be a man: don’t say it on your mouth, understand it!

Let’s look down,

Don’t care too much about someone else’s face;


Don’t use the ruler given by others,

Quantify your own length.

People are alive, don’t deceive others.

The lie is a knife,

inserted in the heart of the person who believes you,

It hurts to hurt more!

Trust is a glass of water,

Once turbid, it can’t be clear.

Trust is a mirror,

Once broken, it is difficult to bond.

If anyone is honest, anyone will be in touch with you;

If anyone loses his faith, anyone will die for you.

People are alive, don’t count others.

I always want to count on people,

There will be endless troubles;

I always want to make a profit,

There must be a feeling of ecstasy.

People who are willing to lose can not afford to lose,

People don’t return, and the sky will return;

People who understand generosity will not lose,

Tolerate for a while, but won a good relationship.

Become a person:

Be careful in your conscience,

Put your virtues around you.

No matter love or friendship,

If you lose your heart,

Forget your gratitude and lose your integrity,

What are you? neither!

It’s worthwhile to be born,

The top of the sky!

Be sure to get along with each other, be with you,

Respect each other, feelings can be compatible!

Being a man, changing your heart and feelings for love;

The distance between heart and heart,

lies in understanding, sincere.