People get a cancer, will they get other cancers?

If a person gets a cancer, he will get other cancers. This question needs to be analyzed in detail. In general, people who have had a cancer may have other cancers, but it is necessary to distinguish whether the cancer is recurring or is really cancer again. There are several cases:

First, tumor recurrence or metastasis

This condition is most common. For example, a patient has breast cancer and has undergone breast-conserving surgery. After a while The tumor reoccurs in the breast. It is most likely that the tumor has recurred locally, or a new tumor appears on the liver. It may also be that the tumor has metastasized to the liver.

 People get a cancer, will they get other cancers?

Medical tumors need regular review after surgery and Surveillance, because recurrence and metastasis are likely to occur, recurrence and metastasis often occur in the first five years after surgery, and there are no recurrences and metastases over five years, which are generally considered to have been cured.

Second, re-issuing the same tumor again

This situation is there, but it is less common, just like a person falling into the same article twice at the same time In the river. For example, in patients with colon cancer, after surgery, it took a while to find a tumor in the rectum. In patients with breast cancer, the left breast has cancer. After a while, the right breast is found to be cancer again.

 People get a cancer, will they get other cancers?

This situation is usually the patient’s There is a problem with the genetics, and it is easy to get the same tumor again.

Third, new tumors are newly made again

This is also the case, for example, a patient has breast cancer, after a while, then Found ovarian cancer, this patient is likely to be a carrier of BRCA gene mutation, easy to get breast cancer and ovarian cancer, the famous movie star, Ai Jilina Julie, carries the oncogene, so she took preventive removal of her own Breast and ovary.

 People get a cancer, will they get other cancers?

There are many such genetic cancers Signs, their genes have problems, will easily get a variety of tumors, common tumor syndromes are: hereditary breast and ovarian cancer, Lynch syndrome, multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome and so on.

So, if a person gets a cancer, it is possible to get cancer again. Some people are even cancerous and easily suffer from a variety of tumors.

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